The Girl and The Target



The interstate is a place of unknown stories. There are millions of them. People coming and going, passing one another as they speed past a car with who knows what is going on in the next vehicle. Then sometimes they aren't passing you, they are on your tail and that's where they are staying.

Have you ever sat somewhere and watched the vehicles pass by?  Did you wonder about the people in those speeding machine and what their stories might be?  Some are on vacation, others trying to get to family members after a loved one has died, for some it might be business requiring a long drive to get to a meeting.  There would be those who had jumped and run to get to someone in trouble or maybe they were just taking a long drive to the next town to shop or see a doctor of one type or the other.  Some would make their way to their destination safely but a few wouldn’t.  Regardless they drove.  Even at night an interstate can be a busy place. 

The girl sat in the car in the far corner of the visitor’s center.  The nondescript black vehicle blending into the background.  She had parked under the cover of a thick stand of trees that on this moonless night enveloped the car in a swath of impenetrable darkness.

The girl watched the vehicles speed past one after the other, some going one way others going in the opposite direction.  She didn’t wonder about those people.  It wasn’t that she wasn’t a thinker but about most of the people on the road tonight, she simply didn’t care.  No she was interested in only one.  The order on this one had come down from the very top, well the top may not be the right way to put it but when the boss told you to get it done, you got it done.  Failing was tantamount to self-destruction and when you self-destructed in her business saying it wasn’t pretty didn’t begin to cover it.

Now most would ask how she could possibly pick out one vehicle from another with them going this fast and especially this late at night.  The girl was equipped with a nice little sensor that would alert her when the target got within a certain range.  She didn’t know what this one had done but he had made the wrong person take notice of him.  Whatever it was, it was enough to get him crossways with someone you didn’t even want to give cause to raise an eyebrow.  This thought actually made the girl smile a bit.

The little sensor delivered its first indication that the target had come into range.  The girl had no problem figuring out how long it would take this poor bastard to be in her sights so she took her time starting the car.  The moment the engine turned over the car seemed to slightly shimmer.  Slowly she turned the car toward the entrance ramp to the interstate.

The sensor was now indicating that the target was almost up even with her so the car started pulling forward.  Again the car seemed to shimmer a bit but unless someone was paying really close attention they wouldn’t have noticed.  When the target passed her as she entered the interstate her sensor was beeping so fast the girl felt like it might explode.  Immediately she accelerate.  Suddenly the car really began to glisten and sparkle as starting at the very front bumper the color started changing.  The shining deep red that replaced the flat black seemed to caress the car as it spread from front to back.  The color wasn’t the only thing to change.  Where before it had appeared almost boxy now as the red supplanted the black the car took on the appearance of a fine sleek racing machine that any race car driver would sell their souls for.  The top had seemed to peel back as quickly as the red moved along the body of the car.  By the time she was only a few car lengths behind the target the car bore no resemblance to what it had before.

As the top detached from the car the girl’s raven hair took flight.  Her long dark tresses whirled about her head and face like ebony snakes in a macabre dance trying to escape the confines of the girl’s scalp.  The wind played with the black strands erratically blowing them one moment in long streamers flying out behind her and the next whipping them around to first slap then cover her face in silk like ribbons.  The girl seemed to be unbothered by the gyrations that would have caused others to have taken action to keep at bay, what to them, would have been a distraction while they drove. The girl never removed her hand from the steering wheel to try and stop the attack to her face.  She was solely concentrating on her target.  The girl smiled for the second time that night.

After reaching one hundred and twenty miles an hour the girl maintained the exact distance between her and the target for several miles before he evidently noticed he was being followed.  He must have pushed harder on the gas pedal of his car because it seemed to jump slightly and began to pull away.  She never took her glowing eyes off the target.  She allowed her speed to match the man in front of her never allowing the distance to grow between them.

The smile on her face became more obvious.  If someone had been asked to give a description of her they might have described her as beautiful, ethereal, even magical maybe.  That of course would have been the first impression.  The glowing red eyes and the three inch black talons that adorned the ends of her long slender pale fingers would have made them have to reconsider their original imagery of her.

Her almost snow white skin would have been enough to make you look twice but paired with the long raven tresses and the ruby red of her lips against that skin was both captivating and spine-chilling.  When her eyes weren’t glowing red they took on a color so dark that it was hard to determine their actual color.  You certainly didn’t want to look too deeply into those eyes though it would seem you were almost compelled to do just that.  Many a person had died gazing into those dark, endless pools of night.

The smile on those ruby red lips widened as she watched the car in front of her shudder.  It had tried to generate another burst of speed but the effort was more than even the high performance car the target was driving could handle.  It had put out just about all it had.  The girl saw the overturned semi up ahead blocking the entire westbound portion of the interstate.  The target must have been concentrating on what was behind him instead of in front and he didn’t see it in time.  At the speed they were traveling he never had a chance to take any action to change his forward momentum or speed.  The girl did had time to notice the people standing on the side of the road taking in the mangled mess that lay dead ahead.  With this entire side of the interstate blocked and everyone stuck where they were the rubberneckers had gotten out of their cars to take in the show.  These people had no idea they were about to catch the second act up close and personal. 

The target hit the undercarriage of the semi with such force it caused a violent explosion.  The results of that blast sent blazing pieces of his car flying in every direction.  One flaming sharp fragment flew through the air hitting one of the bystanders in the neck removing his head from his shoulders cauterizing the severed veins and arteries as it went.  The carnage didn’t stop there.  The man’s head flew from his shoulders bashing his wife in the side of her head so hard that it split open spraying other bystanders next to her with her blood and brains.

When the girl saw the collateral damage of her handy work her only response was, “oops” as she continued to travel in the same direction as the target had.  She didn’t however hit the undercarriage of the semi, she didn’t burst into flames, and she didn’t even shatter into flaming piece.  She slipped through the obstruction like it were no more than warm butter.  Once on the other side of the wreckage, that she had helped add to, she brought her vehicle to a stop in the center of the west bound lanes of the interstate.  No one took notice of her or the miraculous feat she had just pulled off.  No, no one saw her at all.

The girl stepped from the car and stood in the center of the road as she watched a figure coming toward her from the opposite direction she had come.  Her only thought was this could be bad as she watched the ground smolder and burn with each step the dark cloaked figure took.  The noxious smoke and fumes that emanated from the figure would have choked and killed the people now running and screaming around the original wreckage.  When the figure was only a couple of feet away from the girl it stopped and remained silent for a moment.

“Well my dear I see you have created a scene of total chaos.”  The figure finally said in a deep sensual voice.

“Yes Ma’am I did.”  The girl didn’t bother to apologize, she knew better.

“Nice.”  The figure let out a deep chuckle.

The girl kept any response she might have made to herself.

“Well I have something I want to retrieve.  He really shouldn’t have pissed me off.”  The figure continued to hover over the girl.

“Yes Ma’am.”  The girl knew to keep her mouth shut as much as possible and to keep her mind clear.

“Good job Snow White.”

“Thank you Satan.”  Snow White watched as her boss walked toward the mangled smoldering mess in the middle of the highway to remove the last remnants of what was left of the target, his soul.  

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