The Warlords Of Woodmyst Reviewed: Part 2



Wow! Just, Wow! That’s all I could think after I finished reading The Warlords of Woodmyst, the fourth installment in the excellent series The Woodmyst Chronicles by author Robert E. Kreig. This book was one I simply could not put down until I finished it, all in one sitting. Continuing the saga of Woodmyst, in this installment we follow Tomas Ward as he tries to lead his people to salvation from the creatures and enemies that would do them harm. A prophecy promises that a boy will become the Maji needed by the coven. Will the White Witch be able to use him to exact her revenge? Will the villagers survive? You’ll need to read this book to find out.

I loved The Warlords of Woodmyst. Loved. It. This book kept me reading obsessively, breathlessly at times, and always fully engaged in the story. Author Robert E. Kreig has done an absolutely amazing job in creating characters that his readers will be able to connect with, will relate to, and will truly care about. If that isn’t a hallmark of a great author, I’m not really sure what is. This book is filled with adventure, fantastic creatures and scenarios, and just an epic story line that is sure to keep readers completely engaged. Any reader who loves a great work of fantasy, or just a great work of fiction in general, should absolutely read this book. I highly recommend The Warlords of Woodmyst, and the entire Woodmyst Chronicles series in general, and am looking forward to reading more from the extremely talented author Robert E. Kreig as soon as I possibly can!

Reviewed by Tracy A. Fischer for Readers' Favorite

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