The Sorceress's Secret. Part Four



Here Kieran fights his feelings that are trying to over whelm him. Galen tries to keep the prince from thinking that they are hiding anything and Lylea is disparate for answers.

Part Four

        “For now you’ll stay in here and if you need anything ask one of us so no one sees you.” Galen heard movement in the other room.

        Kieran watched as Galen left and then his eyes meet hers “Abigail didn’t tell me about you. Have you been here before?”

        “No, whenever Galen came here to see you I was left at home.”

        She wanted to ask him why but his voice told her he didn’t want to talk. Galen stepped back in and told them that dinner was ready and that when they were done eating with the prince someone would bring her in so she could have a better dinner then dried meat.

        Leaving her to her thoughts Lylea had more questions than answers.

        Getting up from her bed she knew he told her to stay but she wanted to find the book Abigail had told her about. Hoping it had some answers Lylea carefully worked her way to the pantry.

        In the far corner Lylea bent down, using her fingers she pushed on the floor boards until she found one that moved. Finding something to pry it up she reached down into the dark, dank hole and found a cloth covered package.

        She wanted to look at it then and there but knew if they found her gone they would worry and she didn’t know if crossing Galen was something she was prepared for.

        Hurrying back into her room her and Frisky curled up on her bed. While he slept she carefully opened the package to find a leather bound book tied closed with a bit of leather.

        Opening the book she found hand written pages with instructions on potions, spells, curses, and anything an apprentice sorceress needed to become a great one.


        Galen was reluctant to leave her while she was so afraid and wanting so many answers, but he said they would eat with the prince and he didn’t want to cause a fuss.

        After being seated they had to wait until Prince Logan showed up so they could begin. Galen noticed Kieran was in an even worse mood now then he was in before they got here.


       Kieran couldn’t stop thinking about her, her eyes, her pale skin and that fiery hair. He was distracted and he didn’t like it, he had never felt this way and it made him feel out of control.

        He felt Galen’s eyes on him but he knew if he looked at him Kieran’s feelings would show on his face and he didn’t want Galen to know that what he was feeling was anger.

        Still in his own mind Kieran felt a tug on his arm and after looking up he saw that everyone had stood up to bow as the prince made his way to the head of the table.


        “Please sit and eat” Prince Logan took his seat and began passing around the food. “So Galen tell me about yourself and your son. How is it you came to build a beautiful home way out here?”

        “I’ve always loved the forest and the freedom it allows for children to grow up in. My wife….” Galen stopped as if the memory had caused him pain. “My wife died right after Kieran was born and I wanted to raise him some where we had always talked about. So I sold all I could and took the rest, after many months I had stumbled on this beautiful nook cut out here and started building our home.”

        “If the map is correct then your house sits in all four kingdoms.”

        Galen heard something in his voice but he didn’t know the prince well enough to understand what he was hearing. “I didn’t know that sire, I found this place by accident and have lived here for these many years with my son and the animals.”

        Prince Logan took a bite and watched Galen with a sly smile on his face. After swallowing he pointed to the house “each corner of your house sits in a different kingdom. If one would really stop to think about that then one might think you did this so as to not be under one kingdoms rule.”

        Galen laughed “I can assure you that when I came here I didn’t have anything else in mind then to find a place where my son could grow up and I might find peace from my wife’s death.”

        For the rest of the meal they talked about many things but Galen could feel not only the prince’s eyes on him but he knew the king’s captain was also watching them both.


       Lylea hadn’t had much sleep for many days since Abigail had taken sick and she found her eyes starting to droop while reading.

        Just as she was about to fall over the door opened and she jerked herself awake.

        Kieran came in carrying a bowl of soup, a rabbit leg on a plate and another plate filled with some bread and cheese.

        “I brought the leg for your fox and Galen told me to tell you that if you leave this room again without one of us he would punish you for disobeying him.”

        Taking the food she thanked him “and why does he think I left?”

        Walking back over to his corner Kieran crossed his arms and smiled at her “because he put a symbol on the door to let him know whenever it is open so we knew if someone other than us came in here.”

        “I thank you for trying to keep me safe, but I’ve taken care of myself for some time now and if I want to leave my room and get something I can. I’m not under any obligation to follow your master’s commands and you or I can tell him that.”

        She took a spoon full of soup and it took everything in Kieran’s will power to not watch as it touched her lips. Keeping his face down and his eyes on the floor he prayed that the feelings rising up in him would pass soon and he could hate her again.

        “Why are you mad at me? Did I do something to offend you that I can’t remember?”

        Jerking his eyes up he connected with hers and something deep inside of him wanted so badly to lay her down and put another look on her face besides the look of hurt as she waited for his answer.

        “You did nothing” he said lowering his eyes again.

        “Then why is it that when you look at me I feel like you want to erase me from your site?”

        “It isn’t you” he lied “it’s the whole ordeal of being here so close to those men outside and keeping what we are a secret.”

        Lylea nodded “I’m sorry. If it wasn’t for me you all wouldn’t be here.”

        Tears fell from her eyes and Kieran couldn’t stand it anymore. Walking over to the bed he sat down beside her and took her hand “please don’t cry. This isn’t your fault, all this” he looked around “is just fate working to keep us on our toes and Galen is going to make sure you are safe no matter what.”

        “Just Galen” she asked and then realized what she said. Taking her hand back and putting some room between them she felt the heat rise and knew her cheeks were turning red.

        Feeling the space between them Kieran wanted to tell her that he would lay down his life to protect her. Instead he told her “I do what my master says and if he demands I keep you safe then I’ll do whatever I need to so I can get the job done.”

        Lylea picked up Frisky so to put more of a barrier between them. “Why are you really here? Why does Galen want me and why do I have to call him master?”

        “Those aren’t for me to answer” she opened her mouth but he cut her off. “Galen wanted to take you long ago but from what he told me your parents didn’t want you living that life. You’ve been here living away from the outside world but now that your caretakers are both gone Galen wants you protected beyond all others.”

        “But why?”

        “That is another question for Galen” looking down at his hands he told her about why he was with Galen.

        Lylea listened to Kieran tell her what it was like living with Galen and what it was like having something in your life that you can’t control unless you train very hard.

        “Your magic is different them mine and Galen’s but he can help you learn to control it and hide it from those who would take advantage of you.”

        Lylea was shaking and she had been holding Frisky so tight that he started to get free. Letting go of her hold on her fox Lylea asked the one thing that had been on her mind “are those men out there here to take me away?”

        “No and we intend to keep it that way. If they find out what you are then yes they would take you and the two of us away. Galen is out there right now keeping all of them away from the house so we can keep you a secret.”


       Galen had wanted to be the one to take her the food but he knew that Kieran needed to get used to being around her and if that meant leaving them alone while he kept everyone else away then Kieran would have to live with it.

        “You’ve made a wonderful life for yourself here Galen. I wish sometimes I could do what you did, but as it is living the life of a prince isn’t all bad” he laughed and drank more of the wine they brought.

        Smiling Galen sipped his hoping that while they all get drunk and pass out he could get Lylea out of the house and far away from them.

        “I wouldn’t know what living like a prince feels like but I can tell you living here and being able to see the sky during those nights when it is clear to see the stars is a sight to behold."

        Prince Logan got a fair away look in his eyes “I haven’t been able to look at the stars for some time now and you’re right it is something to behold.”

        Galen watched as every one of the men around him eyes glazed over and as they slowly went to their beds to pass out he made his way into the house to get Lylea and Kieran ready to leave.

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