I walk by the house still numb from the tragic events that had taken place.

Aftermath, my true story.

I walk by the house still numb from the tragic events that had taken place, I was so angry inside. I wanted someone or something to blame. I wanted to lash out with my feet. I wanted to scream and shout at the world that surrounded me, only I knew what surrounded me and it was far too great to take on. If the local vicar refused to take it on:then what could we do?

"Pray," My inner voice told me, "Pray to God for protection." Eyes filled with tears I stopped momentarily to look up at the house with bewilderment, I was sure I could feel something watching me from behind those old panes of glass. The old wise trees that lined the front with their out stretched naked branches rustled in the cold winds of the bleak mid-winter, skies were threatening to throw down a blanket of white, and as I felt the first flutter of falling snow I turned on my heel and headed for my destination, alone with my thoughts of a boy with ebony eyes.

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