Bronco Billy



Short Story

Billy approached the untamed stallion with extreme vigilance. He was a seasoned rider knowing from the outset this was no run of the mill horse and to substantiate that knowledge the closer he drew the jumpier and wilder eyed the horse became.


Easy boy, Billy said stepping lightly up to the animals’ side taking the reins in one hand and the pommel in the other. Easy, he continued to whisper as he lightly slipped his left foot into the stirrup. Then with a flash and as swift as a wild cat pouncing upon its prey, he sprang up and onto the back of the magnificent creature and tightly wrapping the reins around his hand and wrist they were off, and WOW! Were they ever!


This glorious wild stallion with its hot blooded, mountain born heritage and its sleek black coat began to jump and dive, spin, turn and whirl in such a fierce manner that Billy found himself nearly bucked right off several times but just like this wild brute Billy now rode he to had the same stubborn wild heart and blood coursing through his mountain born veins that would and could match anything this bucking typhoon could throw at him and he meant to ride this storm to its end.

Together the twain moved in an intricate ballet of both cowboy and steed that has been danced for thousands of years until at the last both of them loosing fight, exhausted and their wild journey winding down into a slow waltz and finally a canter around the corral Billy pulled up on the reins and both he and his magnificent charger came to a breathless halt. It was by and large the hardest ride of Billy’s life but well worth all of the bruises and pains that he knew he would feel later.

Dismounting his newly made friend for life (as is the case when a true cowboy breaks in a wild horse) Billy wrapped the reins about the pommel of the saddle and with a final admiring gaze upon his strikingly handsome and muscular charger gave him one last pat upon his powerful neck and said with a proud voice man what an magnificent creature you are and finally turning away Billy leapt from the platform of the now motionless carousel into his fathers waiting arms yelling WOW Dad, that was great. Can we go on the Tilt now?

And so off they went Father and Hall Of Fame cowboy of the year Lil’ Bronco Billy as they melded with the hundreds of other holiday revelers who were all laughing and playing down the bustling and vibrant midway.

The End

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