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 Dozens of men took part in the gang rape of a Brazilian teen. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2016/05/27/dozens-of-men-took-part-in-the-gang-rape-of-a-brazilian-teen-the-the-video-made-it-online/?tid=pm_world_pop_b Such is the...

 Dozens of men took part in the gang rape of a Brazilian teen. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2016/05/27/dozens-of-men-took-part-in-the-gang-rape-of-a-brazilian-teen-the-the-video-made-it-online/?tid=pm_world_pop_b Such is the what the feminine gender suffer today. Could it be because men say it's their world? It's one story too many. Like the life story of Mary in a publication I have, she goes through trying times. Sometimes men would put the blame on women. It's queer. Could be women have in little or no way done anything about it or actually they gave men the reason to claim the world. This story points in that direction:

Watching TV and seeing her image on the screen a day after, the so much emphasised headline of the broadcast was that of ‘’the wedding of the first woman to be the personal assistant of a governor...’’ It reminded her of similar topics in her line of studies especially in her school days as a history student. She delved into several topics subjected with the phrase ‘’the first woman to…’’
She had read about jobs that only men were usually engaged to perform. In matters that were restricted as men’s deal that only them ever performed and with alacrity as if women lacked it, she came to know who the first woman to drive a car in her country was. She came to know who the first woman to fly a plane was; who the first woman to travel to space was; who the first woman to be a bus driver was; and many more she could hardly remember, that were professions women had proven they were as good as men.
The commemoration of Virginia Dare on a postal stamp she had seen on an enveloped letter posted to Mrs. Man, reverberated her memory. It pricked her heart no woman had been a governor in her country and with no thought about it as a possibility either. They were never considered viable to lead men, as diligent and as assiduous as they may be, because they were women. When she read about Elizabeth Blackwell, she had no doubt she could not get a job because she was a woman in spite of being a top class in her specialisation. With her sister by her side, she went on to do things some men cannot do, not because they were men, but because they were not good at it, made Mary feel the plight of women right down into the marrow of her bones.
The world, as it has been, was men’s, with women never given the chance to do many of the things they can do other than to be wives, child bearers and housekeepers. She was very surprised when she first realised who George Elliot was. She never blamed her for adopting a male name. Women were hardly recognised or appreciated and it surprised her that it was in the white man’s land, which all Africans knew had a culture and way of life very different from theirs. However, she noticed much of that had changed.
As she watched TV, the memories that reverberated up her mind opened her eyes to very deep ideas she had never thought of or gave a chance. Being an Amazon will not be for her sake alone. It would be for the benefit of womanhood. The struggle, the travails and successes of Aminat she studied in history were above fear. She realised she also have to stand against the womenfolk who, out of ignorance or greed, compounded the woes of the place of women.
As a personal assistant to a governor, she believed she was in a stronger position to continue Aminat’s fight. She joined the yet to be recognised association of women dubbed WOMEN AND POLITICS. Women, somehow, now have a chance in what they operated as the women’s league of the ruling party. It connected women whose visions were principally the advancement of women.

Men actually seldom recognised women achievement. Whatever they have achieved ends up that she's just a woman. It doesn't come as a surprise to me that no noise has been made about feminism about Hilary Clinton in her ongoing quest. That just says how far The USA has gone in gender equity matter. Mary I talked about believes gender equity can go on globally like what she experiences here:

MARY stopped over at the home of a friend they planned to attend the conference together. She was a police officer who was by the rule, ordered to leave the barracks when she got married. Women who were police officers, unlike male police officers and married were never apportioned residency in the barracks. The single ones were, ever at the point, given the marching orders out of the barracks when they get married.
The police officer was engaged in a brawl with her daughter who had become bold to stand face to face with her mother and exchange words of fury when Mary arrived. After school, the girl comes back home, as it had become the norm, long after the school had closed and at home, she spent more hours with the male neighbours flirting about with them.
‘You just have to take on a new-fangled method of handling her. It would not be the way you did when she was a kid,’ Mary had told her. ‘Whatever she did that she never wanted you to know was always in hiding and she quickly followed your orders when you handled her,’ Mary continued. ‘Now she does everything with boldness because she’s a grown up girl now so you also have to change your methods. She is bold now to give you a real fight. It gets to a point you become a friend to your daughter to stride onward with her. She is maturing and that motherly love you dispensed has been satisfied. The connection of her mind and mental state with that of motherhood develops and only homogeneity maintains the link and only friendship can sustain that homogeneity.’
‘How do I start and how do I really go about that now?’ The police officer asked with grief as they drove off.
‘Don’t worry about that for now. After the conference, we’ll talk about childcare.’
As they reached the conference venue, Mary’s mind, evenly filled with thoughts and anxieties, was lost in both. The case of a teenage girl deported from overseas was a matter in the agenda at the conference, She was aware of how tough it would be to fight the travails of women in the society most especially now that even educated women were involved or participating in acts that redefined the lowliness of women. They were participating, out of materialism, in practise that had demeaned women’s place and sympathy in almost every society.
In a woman-to-woman chat she had with the wife of the governor, they planned to table the matter of rape of women and rapists when the next congress meets. An even more severe punishment was their objective and craving. Women were, most of the times, shy in reporting rape cases. Very few men, as it was, had any regard, admiration or high opinion for a raped woman even if she was a wife. Such women faced low esteem.
A woman would shy away from letting her fiancé know that someone, whoever he was, raped her because she would loose him. Mary believed it was high time women were encouraged to make such reports and severe punishment for rapists and reparations for such women should be the deal.
The case of rape was a matter toyed with that made men feel it is a right. Mary had, all along, been thinking of not only the punishment of men but also women that had turned out to be involved in acts that denigrated women, which the achievements of the legendary women she had become aware of never let a thought of relenting cross her mind. Not even the case of women raping men should be undermined.
The thoughts of what transpired at the bar of a five star hotel between a couple of men and women stuck in her memory. Mary had once thought her cousin like Titi; her neighbour friends and their mother who live opposite Mrs. Man were in the depraving act because they were the illiterates or semi-literates. There were the highbrow and literate in the depraving act of trading their virtue. They were the weak and small minded. It was a fact that low status has made them trifling; but also the literate and well educated, by nature, were licentious. They were women who did what pleased them commonly for the material gains they envisaged. To the men, whatever they could pay was worthless when weighed against the power it bestows on them. They believed as long as they could possess what they wanted, they could do whatever they wanted with it. They believed they had women in their palms

At the end of the conference venue, which was a hotel, a few women had stayed at the bar relaxing in a tête-à-tête before the scheduled time. At a table c to where Mary was seated, two men were seated with two girls she had no doubt they were students in one of the universities nice little university girls. A few women who were at the conference were also at a table in the company of men who had been there likely or unlikely waiting while the conference was on. Some of the women surprisingly, were familiar faces in indulgencies similar to what the students were after. They were ever in quests for favour and money and usually celebrated with pride their acquisitions and achievements.
They diligently worked out ways to prey not only on lecturers or on professors, as it was a fad with the students. They also made prey of the high class or rich people they called aristo. For money that made up their dream, they showed off beauty with the pride of the greedy. Aristo was a noun they had coined out from the term that identified the high class or the rich as they had studied in History aristocrats, with excitement. They were lost out in the thought that aristos have a string of them they use and dump like toilet paper. They just wave barely a handful of the local currency or a pinch of the euro or dollar.
It was so hurting to Mary and it left her wondering what such women were up to been a part of the conference. One of the women in the company of a man who had left was a banker and Mary was bold to confront the woman having picked out the bottom line of their discussion.
The man in her company was a bigwig her bank was lobbying to be his banker. The bank had no doubt it could win him as its customer if a seductive woman handed the task. It had become a common phenomenon with established institutions offering employment to a good number of women as a veritable tool for expansion and growth their looks and seductiveness were sine qua non.
‘It’s hard to believe and it portrays just how hypocritical some women are,’ Mary had stopped by the woman’s table at a time the woman was alone after she had seen off a colleague. ‘What are you up to been in a conference like the one that just ended?’
‘What’re you talking about?’ Perplexity, whether it was feigned or real crossed her face.
‘How could you have sold your dignity for whatever you want from the man that sat here with you?’
The woman laughed then sighed. ‘What are you up to?’ I am a banker and to get more customers is part of my...’
‘And how you go about getting more customers is a matter of concern. I can bet you are married and it is just hard to believe the things you to win customers. For how much you sell your virtue, you are the loser. I know you’ll not tell me it’s part of the training in the banking institute with eyes on prospective customers to meet privately in hotels room. After your discussions here, it is unimaginable why you did not schedule your next appointment in his office, your office or even his home and, of course not alone. Rather you arrange a private meeting in a hotel room?’ Mary knew faithfulness is purity and that is where the purity and the worth of woman lie. It holds forth the virtues of a woman and a woman who in anyway trifles with men is unfaithful and lacks virtue. Woman’s worth and pride in acts of shamelessness was unfulfilling and debasing. Only with the grace endowed in her, she is worthy.
The woman stared at Mary mystified with a stern look that was nothing but a heavy frown on her face wondering how Mary had it right. ‘Well, I know very well your method is something you’ll never let your husband know despite the fact that it’s part of your job as you think. Is it the only way maintaining your job or be promoted as you deserve? It’s not only a shame; it's a pity that a woman, as educated as you are, would trade or compromise your good quality and features for whatever you want in life; worst of all, out of materialism you cheat your family. Women like you put women in the place where men think they’re nothing but heifers they can pay for,’ Mary fumed. She twirled abruptly and briskly walked away. The woman stunned, stared at Mary with mixed expressions on her face until she was out of sight.
Mary never stopped wondering whether only positivity, negativity or both have a touch in everyone. She could not help getting over the thought of if it as something anyone chooses to nurture. It was a fad with cooperate organisations especially banks with women subjected to tasks they were compelled to accomplish by their boss or loss out. Coquetry was one tool women usually put to use. There were tasks only the daring ones, those with thin skin crave for with strong faith they can attain their dreams by inclining to the indulgent acts that were ignoble to the dignity of woman.
‘These men are not aristos, but I can take for granted they’ll pay well. They appear so excited having us in their company,’ one of the girls had whispered to her mate when their male companions moved aside. A subject of discussion very private to them carried them away. Mary’s disgruntled feelings seemed unlimited hearing the whispers as she passed by the girls back to her table.
‘What about been an aristo? What we need is just a good pay. That’s what we’re after,’ her cohort replied with an astute smile.
‘Aristos are worth the while. Their status unflinchingly reflects what they will pay especially when they recognise your refinement, when you are resident in one of the most fashionable and elite areas or when you are a woman of the intelligentsia.’
Like Titi, other women were in the trade of their virtue in another dimension. Several of them now in the class of the highbrow expended their expertise from the depths of their intellect. They rented apartments in the well-developed areas and accommodated more than the number of residents meant for the apartment. On weekends, such accommodated women, mostly graduates from ivory towers and the working class turned out in parties invited or uninvited or at recreational spots. Their hosts regularly kept them informed. At these parties or recreational spots, they mingled with the big wigs and gave out their addresses that portrayed their sophistication and exclusiveness, which raised their status.
A visit or a night out in their place was usually schemed to veil any instance that would raise suspicion from the guest, who might think it was a hostel of women. A rich man whether married to one or as many women as he could, in concealing his promiscuity, typically paid in one night what was equivalent to a salary earned by a diligent woman per annum. Such receptive women occupying the apartments, with the married not excluded, paid remittances weekly to the woman hosting them in the apartment. Such single women think they are not anyone’s mistress. They rule themselves.
It was a major business, which the property owners who, by chance discovered that more than the required occupants as it was designed inhabited their buildings. The real tenant charged the extra occupants. The property owners bent on benefitting jerked the rents or sent humble tenants parking making way for mostly the women who come with higher offers for rents. They made up for the jerked rent and profits out of the remittances they collected weekly from the occupants. It indicated clearly that not only men could be pimps.
The gold rings that glittered on the men’s ring finger put in the picture that they were married and definitely not to the girls in their company. The girls had eccentric rings on several fingers even on the ring fingers. Mary had seen them come into the bar from upstairs and eavesdropped, she realised they had been in one of the rooms. The girls spoke English impeccably that seemed to thrill the men just as their beauty did. They had always referred to themselves as campus queens. The men, probably, had never believed they could find beautiful and mentally strong girls of such class who would accept pay for their company and comfort.
Whatever class of girls they were, Mary had learnt great lessons from the short time she stayed with Afeni. Like Sandra and Clara had imbued in their friend Afeni and not surprisingly, Titi, they had tried to convince her over the worth of using what she has to get what she needed. It was a maxim that embodied the orientation of many of such girls and women and it was demoralising and shattering. It involved immorality, vile and villainy compromising virtue to get what they wanted. The things they craved to acquire with what they had were things Mary could neither stoop nor or compromise her good qualities and principles.
The men at the bar table brought out their wallets from their jacket, counted crispy currency notes and stamped them in the girls’ palm as they grinned endlessly expressing their excitement. It was logical and graspable from their discussions, they still hoped to meet again and have more fun.
Mary was witnessing a repulsive affair as she frowned, reminiscing how even-handed and commonplace they were when compared with women like Sandra and Clara Afeni had once introduced them to her and Titi. Names she later learnt were not their real names. What they thought were the cockiness and melodious sound of the names that women they considered advanced and lived the white man’s way of life of freedom bore, inspired their likeness and the adoption of the names. Like her friend Afeni and her cousin Titi; Madam Grace and one of her daughters; and many other girls and women she did not know; they were literates, stark illiterates and semi literates embodied with similar maxims.
The hall had been as usual, filled with vivacious and slightly restive young and elderly women. There were security men, aides and drivers who made up the few number of men outside the hall. The conference was called on to resort to some bad news of mostly young girls lurched with blows that had torn their lives apart.
Since the exit of the colonial masters, the standard and the scheme of affairs in the country kept plummeting downward and the men, as Mary had always pointed out in her arguments, were the guilty ones. They deserve punishment. Such girls, as the ones she had seen at the five star hotel bar were in droves. They did whatever they wanted to achieve what they want and finished as their needs. They gave in to the demands of lecturers and professors in the university to, easily as they thought it was, obtain a pass grade. An observable affair had placed women in positions of low esteem even in the eyes of the poor unrefined and wretched man. There were those in it not because they wanted to be. Hard times that made it hard to make whatever ends meet forced them into it. Whatever it was, they compromised virtue.

A nineteen-year-old girl was at the dais. She was a citizen of the country and was overseas after a dubious job offer. She had passed out of secondary school and her parents could not afford the expenses of university education so she went about searching for a decent job.
Women well established in similar trades with Titi and had been taken on trips abroad, deceitfully offered jobs to young girls as house help in homes or hairdressers in saloons they claimed they owned. They offered to sponsor the job seekers’ trip with agreements that they would payback as they worked. The girls were compelled to swear oats with diabolic perceptions as assurance that they would pay back.
The girl at the dais discovered there was no house help or hair dressing saloon jobs. She realised she was fooled. She was compelled to accept the job her sponsor had for her satisfying men’s lustful passion. That was actually the job schemed out for her to do overseas. Realising she had been tricked; she knew she had to run away. It was a job you traded your dignity.
From a visitor before her, she saw tall, handsome and well to do men who had had their picks of dozens of girls after substantial payments to the matron. Girls branded as women of comfort. Whose comfort was it? So disgusting and disquieting that men’s comfort was women toil. The money they paid was an impression she could make money, but that could not induce her. She was not sexually daring so she lived uncomfortably where she was. She feigned severe tummy ache so they left her alone to have a rest and getter better.
She sneaked out of the house in the wee hours of the morning and headed in a direction she never knew. All she cared about was getting away. She easily made it out of the premises because none of the cohorts ever had the idea or thought that she was a potential escapee. None of the other followers had contemplated an escape. They were gratuitous for the opportunity they reasoned in anyway, was a better way out compared to where they were coming from and what they were doing.
The escapee wondered how she could get to the police, but wondered if that would save her from the nemesis of the oath she swore though she had been bold to dare it. In the oath procedure, her fingernails and pubic hair cut and with fetish concoctions wrapped in a bundle with incantations that would haunt her if, she failed to corporate. She contemplated over the final deportment she believed would save her churches, convents and nunneries. She kept wondering how she could find any of them. The complexity of the mega city she found herself in had overwhelmed her. As she slogged on, she had no doubt a monastery, with all the men, would be a safe haven.
She saw an elderly woman getting out of her car. She ran to her and was so glad she could communicate with the woman in English. ‘They made you swear an oath over a job they could not offer,’ the woman had told her. ‘They want to force you into a job you never knew about. They cannot hoop you with such oath. You can never be banded or stripped over what was not what you were promised,’ the woman explained as clearly as she could, consoling the girl’s trepidation. ‘You’ll make a police report. I’ll take you there.’
Many girls were in the white man’s land living illegally and most of them were engaged in prostitution, which the government discovered with many of them arrested and deported. It was in the reports in the newspapers and her interview that led Mary to her case.
Mary filled with hurting empathy for a young and bright girl conceitedly manipulated by very deceitful people, worst of all women, wondered what element of incarnate they were. Their acts were one of the most degrading factors coming from ancient times that had restrained the importance of women among men. It was a matter she decided to tackle and vowed to fight against it. She always believed a woman’s place could be better.
The Ministry of Women Affairs was a portfolio formed to cater for women yet the droopiness of the feminine gender had remained casual. Some women remained ever full of pessimism over its formation. Mary saw that it usually became apathetical, intended to silent women and make less powerful the women’s guilds that had become powerful and restive since the advent of Aminat. As gallant as she was, she became a revered idol of the nation that portrayed a true and patriotic figurehead.
Mary had learnt that women actually started the struggle for the autonomy of women and had progressed and just how unfairly treated they were still baffled her. The involvement of some men, in a way, had made it apathetic. She knew it had to continue until it was finished. If all women were like Aminat and all the other heroines she had become aware of, she believed women with positive and high mind who, whatever stress or depression in their way, still strongly held on and remained strong, the struggle would come to an end. She believed in life, love and commitment, a fight for right and all the good things of it. Her place in life now and all that she had achieved were never as much as she had anticipated in her dreams and to be where she was now, was evidence that dreams come true. They manifest in reality.

Women still have the bigger role to play. The few men who recgnised them can be powerless. Number matters. Women should take advantage of that. Much of what is said about Mary and her belief and fight can be reached here: http://www.amazon.com/Adventure-ROSE-MARY-Vincent-Martin/dp/1530278996/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1464432754&sr=1-1&keywords=adventure+of+rose+mary


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