Beast of the Bronx Chapter 6



While Andrew and Mark discuss about the Spring Dance and Mark's date, William is kidnapped. Can Andrew and Mark save him?




“Spring Dance this Friday?!” Andrew exclaimed looking at the bright yellow paper.

What a way to start a Monday. Andrew continued to stare at the paper with great despair.

“Yeah dawg, didn’t you know?” Mark asked approaching Andrew.

Andrew shook his head. “When was it posted?”

“Last week. Hey, aren’t you grounded?”

“No, Lily let me off for good behavior and a good grade on my Algebra test. Anyway, why is there a dance when Seniors have prom coming up in May?”

“It’s for everyone, idiot,” Mark answered.

“I’m not an idiot,” Andrew replied angrily. “I’m just out the loop.”

Mark laughed.

“What’s so funny?” Andrew asked angrily.

“You’re wondering if you should take Rosa to the dance.”

Andrew blushed. “Am not…”

“Just ask her,” replied Mark and looked down the hallway. “Here she comes now.”

“Hey guys,” Rosa said cheerfully. “Hey Andrew, are you going to dance?”


“You want to go together? I rather go with you than these clowns. Pick me up at seven, ‘kay?”

Andrew watched as Rosa walked off to her class. He couldn’t believe that Rosa wanted to go with him to the dance. He felt like jumping for joy, but he had to keep his cool and not embarrass himself in front of everyone.

“Way to go Romeo,” Mark said sarcastically, grabbing Andrew’s shoulder. “You really know how to get the ladies.”

“Shut up Mark,” Andrew said shoving him a little.

“Hey, you guys going to the dance?” a voice suddenly called out.

It was DJ, along with Josh.

“Yeah, we’re going,” Mark answered. “You guys going?”

DJ nodded. “I have to. I’m the one who made the Spring Dance.”

“Really?” asked Andrew with a surprised look.

“Yeah,” DJ answered. “It was a miracle that I could get it done, with finals and all.”

“You da man, DJ,” Josh replied.

“Please, call me Yeshua,” said DJ, taking a bow.

Andrew laughed while Mark and Josh both raised an eyebrow.

“At least someone gets the reference,” replied DJ with a disappointed tone. “Shows how religious you are.”


During fifth period, Andrew tried to pay attention to his Art teacher. He still had a lot on his mind. Besides Rosa, Andrew wondered what Hidishi was planning. He began to remember what one of his goons said to him.

“Mr. Hidishi is a very powerful man. Your power alone can’t stop him.”

His words seem to playback in Andrew’s brain over and over. If this guy is as powerful as he says he is, then Andrew and Mark might be in trouble. As Andrew slowly came back to reality, he could hear his Art teacher calling his name.

“Andrew!” she called out and pointing to a painting on the projection screen, asked, “What is the name of this painting?”

Andrew stared at it long and hard. He wasn’t sure what it was. It looked like a blurry jukebox with a disfigured guy standing next to it. Andrew took guess.

“Jukebox by Lawrence,” he answered.

“Correct,” she replied.

Andrew gave a sigh of relief.


“You wanted to see me sir?” a guy in a suit asked.

“Gather your best men, I have a job for you,” Hidishi said staring at the window.

“What is it?” he asked.

“You will know soon enough,” Hidishi answered. “Now go!”

The guy left the room and closed the door behind of him.

“Now, you will pay,” said Hidishi, laughing evilly.


School ended with a loud ring. Waves of teenagers flooded the hallways and quickly flowed out into the streets. On their way out, Mark and Andrew saw Emily and Josh talking by the front gate. Emily waved and quickly approached them.

“I can’t believe Josh,” she said with a displeased tone. “He has the nerve to ask me about my sex life.”

Mark and Andrew both raised their eyebrows.

“I wasn’t trying to be nosy,” Josh replied with a laugh. “I just read something from a magazine and wanted her opinion on it.”

“Still, you don’t ask women about that,” said Andrew. “Hime isn’t that kind of woman to kiss and tell.”

“You’re right, Andrew,” replied Emily. “What I do with my boyfriend is none of your business.”

“But you don’t do anything with him,” said Josh. “You’re still a vir-”

POW! Josh fell to his knees, clenching his stomach. Mark and Andrew both watched as Josh struggled to get up from Emily powerful blow. For the first time, Andrew was scared of Emily.

“I’m sorry, Josh,” Emily said, flushed. “I don’t like it when people make fun of me about that.”

Mark squatted next to Josh and poked his cheek several times.

He glared at Emily. “Great, you killed him.”


Lily and William were watching TV in the living room. As Lily went to the kitchen to get something to drink, the doorbell rang. Confused, William got up and answered the door. He turned the knob. SLAM! The stranger broke the door of its hinges, flinging William backwards. Four guys in suits entered the house and began destroying the house.

“William, run!” Lily shouted.

William ran out the door as fast as he could, but one of the guys grabbed him. Squirming, the guy carried him off to the elevator.

“Let go of my son!” Lily exclaimed hitting one of the guys with her fists.

SMACK! The guy backslapped Lily across the face. He grabbed her by the throat and slammed her against the wall. Blood ran down her mouth as she tried to get free.

“Stay down,” he said as he punched her in the face.

Lily fell to the ground unconscious. A note was left on the wall, saying:


If you ever want to see your bro again, come to the warehouse on Library Ave. Come alone or else.

Hidishi’s gang



Mark’s kitchen was filled with laughter and lip smacking as the boys ate. Mark was giving Andrew the highlights on his date with Tracy.

“So, you tried to take her to Fire & Ice for a little dancing,” Andrew said repeating Mark’s statement. “Then what happened?”

“I took her to Gardenia to get something to eat,” Mark answered rubbing his stomach. “I can still taste the chicken scampi.”

“Then what?”

“This is the good part. After Gardenia, I took Tracy over to the construction site where they’re building that new Zeals, you know, the one in Yonkers.”

“I know, but how is that romantic?”

“You can get a better view of the stars, dawg. Man, you really suck at dating.”

Andrew gave Mark an angry look.

“Anyway, there we were, sitting on the hood of my car staring at the stars. Tracy and I began to talk about the different constellations. Suddenly, Tracy stares

into my eyes and smiles. I smile back. Without thinking, I lean forward and lock lips with her. I’m telling you, dawg, it was the greatest kiss in my life.”

“It’s the only kiss you ever got in your life.

“Very funny,” replied Mark shoving Andrew a little.

I better bounce,” Andrew said walking towards the door. “I’ll see ya later.”


The night air brought an ominous feel to Andrew senses as he walked home. Trusting his instincts, he ran towards home as fast as he could. Minutes later, he arrived, awestruck by the damage. Andrew saw Lily on the ground and immediately went to her aid. He held her in his arms and watched as she started to come around.

“What happened?” Andrew asked franticly.

“They…took William,” she answered in a low voice.

“Who are they?”

“I don’t know. A group of guys dressed in suits.”

Andrew gnashed his teeth. He couldn’t believe they would do that, especially to his family. They were going to pay. Suddenly, Andrew noticed the note on the wall. He read it with tight fists.

“I’m going to get William,” he said.

“I don’t want to lose you too,” she said, almost crying.

Andrew squatted next to her and smiled. “I’ll come back safe, I promise.”

He helped Lily to the couch in the living room and ran out the door. Andrew ran back to Mark’s house with determination in his eyes. He knocked violently. Mark opened the door with a scared look. Relief and anger came upon him when he saw Andrew standing at his doorstep. Before Mark could utter a word, Andrew told him what happened. Mark eyes widened. He really wanted to help Andrew and began to move upstairs. Quickly, Andrew grabbed Mark’s shoulder and told him to watch over Lily.

Mark refused. “If anything goes wrong, I got your back.”

“All right, but you have to be inconspicuous,” Andrew said with a sigh.


Library Ave. was located on the south side of Baychester Ave. The wind blew fiercely as they slowly approached the abandoned-looking warehouse. Andrew told Mark to hide near the warehouse while he went inside.

Andrew walked up to the door and knocked. One of the guys looked through the peephole with a glare. He opened the door. Andrew walked inside the dark room. He could barely see his hands in front of his face. Suddenly, a light

illuminated a portion of the room. Underneath the blinding light was William, who was tied to a chair, and the leader of the group.

“Welcome,” said the leader, “I see you got our message. Let’s get down to business. My boss wants you gone. I will spare the boy’s life in exchange for yours.”

“Sure, why not,” Andrew replied with a smirk.

The leader untied William and told him to walk to the middle of the room.

“Now, walk over here,” the leader called out to Andrew.

Andrew followed his direction and walked next to William. Suddenly, the sounds of guns being drawn filled the air. The lights went up. Andrew looked around and realized they were surrounded with guns aimed at them.

“Did you think we would spare the kid’s life?” the leader asked Andrew.

“Well, the thought crossed my mind,” Andrew said sarcastically.

“End of the line kid. Now, you die!”

“Well let me change into something more comfortable,” Andrew said smiling.

Suddenly, the same light energy illuminated the warehouse. Mark realized it was time for him to join the party. The light faded and everyone was frightened. Even William couldn’t believe his eyes.

“Who…are…you?” he managed to say with terrified eyes.

“It’s me, Andrew,” Andrew growled. “I’ll explain later. Right now, I have to get you out of here.”

Immediately, Andrew attacked the nearest guy. His fist met the guy’s face. With one punch, the guy went flying. A hailstorm of bullets came towards Andrew. Andrew froze. He dodged at the last moment, leaping and side stepping in a rhythmic dance. While Andrew distracted them, William escaped and ran to a nearby bush.

Suddenly, glass shattered everywhere. Everyone stopped and saw Mark rise from ground. He smirked as glass continued to fall around him.

“Nice entrance,” Andrew said.

“A brotha gotta make his entrance in style,” replied Mark.

The remaining guys continued to fire at them. Mark quickly waved his hand to the side. Instantly, they were covered by a shadowy wall. The wall absorbed the bullets, suspending them in mid-air. Andrew was amazed to see that Mark could control his powers so quickly. Silence filled the air, followed by rapid clicks. Mark and Andrew both knew the guys were out of ammo. Mark quickly lowered the shadowy wall. Andrew jumped into the air.

“STRIKING CLAW!!!” he shouted with his hand raised in the air.

Andrew’s hand turned bright yellow. He waved his glowing hand sideways. Five boomerang-shaped energy waves came crashing down on the guys, flinging

them everywhere as the waves exploded. The remaining guys he hit were unconscious and bruised badly. The battle was over.

“That was fun,” Mark said sarcastically.

“Yeah, but how did they know I could meta-morph?” Andrew asked.

“Remember that guy you let go the first time you transformed? He musta ratted you out.”

“You could be right, but I have a feeling Hidishi isn’t going to rest until he kills us.”

“Let’s not worry about that. Right now, we have to find William and tell him everything.”


Surprisingly, William was in the bushes with his head between his legs. Mark and Andrew quickly de-transformed.

William looked up at them and asked, “How the hell did you do that?”

“It’s a long story,” replied Mark. “You might want to sit down.”

Andrew explained everything to William. He told him about the tattoos on their backs, Madam Renee, their incredible fighting abilities, and of course, their transformations.

“Andrew is a werewolf?” William asked with his eyes wide open. “I knew you were weird, but this takes the cake.”

Mark just stood there and laughed.

“Oh like you’re normal,” Andrew shot back.

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