The beginning unpublished...

 198007547b6639ebadeaf6f01e8265b8She sat and cried on her return home. She looks around her cosy abode with such fond memories. Her quaint little house was her little piece of paradise. She walks over to the window to watch her children play. Their endless amount of energy and mischief brings a smile to her face as she wipes away a fallen tear. 

"This was where my children were born," She utters, looking down stroking the new life that grows inside her. "But not you little one. The little house was crammed with her off-spring, and with this little one it will be the seventh.

"What the hell are we moving too?" The dampness of the walls had made her feel nauseous on their arrival, a feeling of dread engulfed her. She wanted to get out, but she knew the next time she came she would have her family with her.

The farm-buildings were empty the old white washed walls were crumbling. She had to put her feelings to one side, but inside she was heart-broken. My mother had to remain strong, for my father on the other hand it would be a whole new beginning. And when the dreaded day arrived she took one last look before closing and locking the door for good.

My brother and sister's were eager to explore while she began the task of making the place look more like home, and with dad setting out to market she began to unpack her few precious belongings. She hadn't noticed that I was looking through the cracks of a door leading on to another room. While I could hear the sounds of laughter and excitement from my siblings, I wanted to run to my mother for comfort.

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