Bringing Back The Dead — Chapter 7&8



The story so far...,New York in the future, and the police are investigating the mysterious death of a young girl. Across town the Savitches auditioning for a reality TV show in the hope that their tragic story will be good enough to Bring back to life their dead son. But is all as it seems?

Chapter 7

Ok guys, said LeRoy gathering his team around him once more. Here's what we got. He began filling in the police team with a version of the truth, A female victim, who we cannot ID at this time because the DNA profiler is playing up and Hobson here, pointing at the on site lead detective, Hasn't bought a back up which I can't believe.

Everyone turned to Hobson, who faked remorse and played along, Sorry guys, He held his hands up in a gesture of surrender.

Hey no problem chief I've got an analyzer , we can use that. Said one of the field technicians. This took Hobson an LeRoy by surprise they looked to each other stuck for an answer, when Shivvie the on site District Atorney spoke up

When did you last have a calibration, he asked, the technician. he didn’t wait for a reply. We need daily calibrations reports on DNA field analyzers now. The guys all looked at one and other,Since when said a voice

Since now dipshit said Shivvie angrily. If the lead doesn't have DNA tester then the test is null, I ain't proceeding without an authorized tester. They all shrugged and turned back to LeRoy lolling for an overrule.

You heard the guy he said. The Inspector felt a moment of relief, but it was to be only a brief respite. He knew that they could have a new analyzer on site in minutes if they wanted.

He chose to not mention that option and continued, So here's what we got the young lady has been savagely attacked, she has numerous slashes to her body....

The meeting ended shortly after, and the team quickly bagged the body and loaded it into the Tech service vehicles that had now arrived on the scene and would take the body to the mortuary at Glen Tech. Hobson and Shivvie watched as LeRoy began addressing the assembled press teams. All the other police offered and technicians, turned to look when they heard the roar from the press corp.

Are you serious shouted Julie Vine from NYNN. Hers was just one of a brace of reporters all screaming to be heard and have their questions answered.

Hey Julie I find this as hard to believe as you do. The girl has been attacked by a Silver Back Gorilla she has huge lacerations across her body DNA tests have identified the marks.

So what your saying is King Kong's back on the loose in New York! Said another hack

Looks that way said the smiling policeman posing for photographs but ignoring the barrage of questions from a skeptical press corp.

He'd spun a story so wild it might just be true. It had gone out live on TV and a focus text would have told him he was scoring 9's. He smiled once more and with a final flourish announced

Look guys if you'll excuse me we've got a monkey to catch. A final smile a barrage of camera flashes, and he rushed away.

No sooner had he gone than the reporters turned direct to camera and began embellishing the story so far. Directors were flashing up images of Giant silverback Gorillas and of course black and white grainy images of King Kong fighting off vintage fighter planes perched on top of the Empire State Building. LeRoy's story may be a little short on truth, but it gave Him a little more time, The news channels didn't care. This story was TV gold. A manic Monkey on the loose in New York shouted the first tabloid headlines.

Chapter 8

The on site investigation was packing up. The team had combed the area but had found nothing. LeRoy sat alone on the J train travelling back into town. He was reviewing and comparing what he had so far on the two murders, and he'd concluded their wasn't much.

His scribbled notes told him, they were cloned girls aged between 16 and 18 both had been found naked with superficial brushing on their bodies and their throats had been slashed. Apart from that the girls looked pretty healthy. Their was no signs of any physical mistreatment . Their hair and make-up was in good condition and they were clean, which told him that they hadn't been held against their will, and had been looked after. So it would appear that they hadn't been held anywhere against their will. In the hours before their death They had been sexually active. Although none of the bodies had any traces of the partners semen, or saliva, which they could identify. The bodies had also been swept and cleansed of any traceable DNA or finger prints. Which was beyond belief. On the plus side they did have the gorilla slashes which would give them something to go on, how many silver back gorillas can their be in New York State? He sent a message to Hobson..... What's the latest on the hunt for King Kong? Whilst he waited for the detectives reply, he gave himself a refresher on DNA. He found a U tube idiot guide channel and watched a short Film on the subject

It was like they said on the packet an idiot guide. The educator was trying to keep it as basic as possible. No hi res graphics. He stood in front of a old fashioned blackboard with chalk note bullet points, and stick man graphics for illustrations.

In The last 150 years breakthroughs into DNA profiling and DNA application sciences had made most genetic related illnesses a thing of the past. DNA stream science combined with stem cell genetics had made regeneration a reality. It was back 2052 that Professor Nicholas Prosser and his team had pioneered genetic DNA regeneration.

The Frankenstein formula as it had been called developed an early stage crude technique, which brought back to life recently dead rats.

Professor Prosser discovered major breakthrough was the discovery that DNA strings have a life of their own and are not controlled by the body which hosts them. In simple terms when you die your DNA lives on it has its own energy source. It took a further 50 years for scientist to be able to work out how to harness this energy and use it to recreate living human life forms.

In 2100 the firs human was resurrected or as it became known rebirthed. The birther was selected by a world wide lottery his name was Jonas Humpner he was Austrian unfortunately the shock of his rebirth and the publicity surrounding it was so much that he committed suicide two months after his regeneration, he was not brought back again.

Over the next fifty years science refined their techniques and alongside other advances in prosthetics neuro sciences, computer applications and Artificial intelligence integration. Rebirthing became an accepted medical practice Its pioneering technology although hugely expensive at first had now became commercially viable and personal regeneration is now available to buy. The LifeGiver corporation offer this service and further details are available on request. Immortality is no longer a possibility,it is a reality. The guide ended with a message from our sponsors the LifeGiver corporation. LeRoy didn't wait for the commercial. He skipped onto another short DNA info guide. He fast forwarded through the intro. He stopped scrolling when he saw an image of a map with a flashing light. A voiceover was explaining something.

One of the most profound discoveries in DNA science techniques and tracing was the ability to identify an individuals location from their unique genetic source code. The resonating code was like a homing beacon. Once a strings frequency and resonance was identified, it's location could be traced then cross referenced onto a map. Once a DNA string has been logged it is stored in huge data capture vaults. LeRoy began smiling when he heard the next part. These records are kept under the tightest of security and are very rarely accessed, except under circumstances of great importance. And when every other option of locating a person has been exhausted. LeRoy realised this last bit was only included to satisfy the civil liberties groups, who constantly complained about infringements on their personal rights. LeRoy knew these databases where accessed a thousand times a day. In New York alone.

The problem was the general public. They didn't realise just how much safer they were thanks to DNA tracking. They wanted their city to be crime free and safe but didn't like the idea of being under constant surveillance. LeRoy agreed with the arguement but had come to realise you can't have one without the other.

Nothing had raised as much debate in society as the the science of genetics. It was considered to be dangerous and anti-religious by many. Apart from the implications to civil liberties. Their was long drawn out court cases which ended up at the world courts. After years and years of arguments, it was finally agreed that whilst the logging and recording of peoples DNA would take away the rights of the individual its benefits to society outweighed the arguments against it and so should be sanctioned as a legal and lawful.

The use of DNA records came to a head In 2075 after the pan African food wars that spilled over into parts of southern Europe. The world council led by the big 5 nations of the USA China Russia India And Brazil agreed that as part of restoring order and restricting cross border terror travel. They would sanction two things. Firstly they took over the running and monitoring of the worlds financial and banking systems. And secondly they made the sharing of DNA profiling and personal data records compulsory. These two monumental decisions had massive repercussions for the world security. Previously each country had been responsible for the capture and storage of their own DNA records. The sharing of this information began once it was made compulsory for anyone wishing to travel to any of the big 5 countries to make their DNA available. The big 5 then shared this information with each other. Who then encouraged the satellite states under there spheres of influence to share the DNA record for all their citizens. Within ten years 75% of the world population was DNA secure. That was how they described how everyone’s genetic code was being recorded. The next stage was for it to become compulsory for all new born children to have their source code recorded at birth. Within a generation 99% of the worlds population had their unique DNA profile recorded.

The benefits of DNA capture quickly began to produce benefits for society such as no longer needing to have any physical form of ID. No more passports or photos or passwords. bank cards became obsolete . Technology firms designed low cost DNA scanners, such as the Iscan which allowed all kinds of businesses to incorporate DNA technology into its processes. Banks and savings societies under the watchful eye of the world council were able to regulate accounts using only the account holders DNA sampling as ID. Within 5 years all accreditation and identification was centered on DNA ID analysis. This central financial control helped put an end to Petty bank fraud which disappeared almost overnight, In everyday life those constant requests for passwords and different forms of ID which were asked for billions of times every day became obsolete. The benefits were immense. Not only to the individual but to the state. Regulated identity control put an end to credit card fraud, which freed up huge reserved assets for productive investments. The black economy disappeared when paper money was withdrawn. Your DNA was your access to your funds and bank accounts. You paid for and bought everything through a scan of your DNA. This was the only recognised form of ID you needed.

As the technology flourished the applications it could be applied to became endless. skin scanners became the only accepted method of payment. A portable Iscan swiped across your flesh was all that was needed your source code was matched via the super band highway and then cross referenced to your bank account the money was debited the seller received the green light ( that was the buzz phrase you heard a thousand times a day) and the sale was complete. the paradox for society was that as the control of the state over the individual become tighter, so society became freer

What became apparent was that money truly had been the root of all evil. As personal wealth became more transparent, Their was no point hiding it away under the mattress or in off shore bank accounts The state controlled all forms of banking. They knew everything about you and about your finances. All transactions were recorded stored and monitored If you had it it could only be through hard work or good business and there was A DNA trail to prove it and that trail was monitored 24 7 by the most sophisticated super computers, who micros managed and controlled every aspect of your life. The state had been in control for so long now that the majority of people neither knew nor cared. Life for most people was good. Their was no longer any need to question why or how. The original concept of Big Brother had long been consigned to the dustbin.

The info guide ended just as The J train pulled into Leroy’s station, His phone flashed with his final reminder to purchase his power requirements for the day warning of the excess charges. There was a link to reserve his power therms, he was about to connect, then two incoming flashes distracted him. One told him the dead girls body had arrived at GlenTech. The other told him they'd found the monkey. The power order would have to wait. He pocketed his phone and hurried to find the subway exit.

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