*Halloween In Ozark*



Roxanne and Richie get captured by the old witch that lives in the woods outside of town.

The two came to a clearing and found an old cottage with a light on that shined through the window. They stepped up to the window and peeked in. The house echoed with sounds of life and activity. A young, beautiful woman cleaned and toiled with her back to the window. Richie noticed her first.
“She doesn't look like a witch to me.”
The woman left the room. Well intrigued, the two teens leaned up close to the window to see where she went. Suddenly an ugly old hag face jumped up from inside the house, forcing the kids back in fright. They fell away from the window and saw the hideous creature standing above them before a burlap sack covered their vision.

The old woman finished making the final adjustments to Richie's knots. Roxanne was already tied up and she looked down at her bound wrists. Roxanne and Richie sat in their cages while the old woman prepared her potion. Roxanne watched her work.
“I hate to say this but, this isn't the first time I've been tied up and put in a cage before.”
The old woman smiled at the Roxanne's sassy attitude while she continued to work.
“That's nice dear but, it will be your last I'm afraid.”
“What's your name anyway?”
“I'm Widow Felbaum.”
Richie spoke up.
“So what do you plan on doing with us?”
Widow Felbaum looked at Richie and took a break from her prep work to answer him.
“Well, I guess there's no way to sugarcoat this, well, actually, there is but, I plan to eat you.”
Roxanne laughed and shifted her weight in the tiny cage.
“Won't be the first time for that either.”
The old woman turned to Roxanne and smiled.
“I like your attitude young lady.”
Widow Felbaum stuck her fingers through the bars at Roxanne. Roxanne rubbed her face up against the old woman's fingers and purred like a cat.
“What's your name?”
“Roxanne. But you can call me Roxy.”
Roxanne playfully licked Widow Felbaum's middle finger.
“Mmm. How about I call you dinner instead?”
Widow Felbaum laughed at her humor and got back to her prep work.
Richie also kept his cool.
“Wasn't there another woman in here earlier?”
“You mean, this woman?”
Widow Felbaum turned and faced Richie and Roxanne as a young, beautiful blonde woman. Richie’s eyes lit up with the sight of her beauty.
“That was you?”
Widow Felbaum went back to her prep work.
“That is me. Of course I only look like that once I complete my spell.”
Roxanne put it all together.
“So, what, like, you eat us and that makes you beautiful again?”
“That's right dear. Tonight is the lunar eclipse and I must complete the spell or else I keep my true age appearance.”
“So, what, are you like, sixty in real life?”
Widow Felbaum laughed.
“You're so sweet. I don't even think I'll need to season you. More like two hundred and sixty.”
“Wow, honestly you're kinda rockin it for two hundred and sixty.”
Richie agreed, trying to lay on the charm.
“Yeah, totally.”
“Why thank you kids, but not as well as I will be.”
Richie grabbed the bars of his cage with his bound hands.
“So you really plan to eat us?”
“Sad but true Dear.”
Roxanne didn't give up.
“Well all this talk about eating is getting me all hot and bothered. I hope that doesn't ruin the meat.”
“Oh Honey I don't think that's possible with you. I'm sure you'll be just fine.”
Richie started working on a different method.
“That brings up an interesting point. Do you need to eat us both?”
“Oh thanks Richie. You're the one that had to sneak up to the window in the first place.”
“Wait a minute this whole thing was your idea. And besides, how would we know if she was a witch or not if we didn't get close enough to look inside?”
“Kids, kids, kids. Don't fight. That does make the meat tough. What's this all about anyway?”
“Roxy and I thought it'd be cool to see if the rumors were true, especially since it's Halloween and all.”
“Yeah, and if it did turn out to be true, I'd let Richie watch me lick my boob.”
The Widow’s eyes opened with surprise.
“Really? Bra on or off?”
The kids both replied in unison.
Roxanne clarified.
“Black lace though.”
“I see. Well, looks like Richie delivered on his part. Are you going to live up to your part of the bargain?”
“Not now.”
Richie shrugged in his cage.
“What! What a rip off!”
“Oh shut up Richie.”
“That is pretty low Roxanne. He did bring you out here to show you a good time and I am a witch after all.”
“Yeah but I didn't plan on being captured and eaten. And the only reason why we're in this position is because he wanted a better look at you anyway.”
Richie continued with his proposal.
“Getting back to my point, I meant to ask, what if we could provide you with an alternative menu selection?”
“Sorry Hun, but you two are here now, I just don't know of an easier way to get this done.”
“Well, I know of a couple kids we can get in exchange if you're willing to consider it.”

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