Ultrashort story about how beauty always gets her way.

When Beauty was created out of an eye of Vanity, the world became her stage and the humans her instrument to everlasting adoration. Without them, she could not exist. With her presence Beauty caused wars, broken hearts to be mended, deceived spouses to take their own lives and men and women who feared to lose her when aging. Beauty could not care less for the ideas of her sister Love that humans had 'feelings'; she simply wanted to be beautiful.

Until the day came, that Beauty felt a twitch of pain herself: she had become plane. People just did not look up anymore when Beauty strolled by. Moping and soaking she left the city to rethink her strategy and while she wiggled her curves hoping to catch someone's eye, she suddenly saw a tiny man standing in the curb. He could not have been bigger than a flee but what struck her the most was how immensely ugly he was.
She just could not stop looking at him and that gave her a brilliant idea, which in fact would benefit them both: he would get to live with the most beautiful one and she would be again the only one Beauty, looked at by every single person.

From that day on the little guy gave Beauty an eternal kiss and in doing so he became one of the seven beauties: the mole.

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