How this fish came to be.



Trying a new genre within an old tail. From "Another Hundred Blundering, Wondering Hymns, Fins and Shenanigrins".

 Is this optional?

"I'm afraid not."

You're going to make me?

"Already did, but, you may re-invent yourself."

Seems like punishment, am I bad?

"No, no, not bad at all, just not very good, yet."


 Will it hurt?

"Well, yes, but, pain is part and parcel of the project. Happens to each...pretty valuable actually, when used in conjunction with relative joy."

That's pretty cryptic. Fishspeak please.

"It's an acquired talent, you'll do fine."

You seem confident but, I'm afraid.

"Also part of the package."

I feel like you're telling me everything, and nothing.

"Sounds familiar too, no?"

Like a lost part of me was found.

"There it is! Now you need only to choose!"

Choose what? You said not optional.

"Oh, you're going, you just need to choose how."

My choice of transportation?

"Um, no, that's part of my job. You choose which incarnation."

Now I'm confused. You're sending me to Earth, home of the human but, I'm not human?

"Not yet. That your choice?"


Whoa! Wait! What else can I be?

"Earth holds very diverse life, trees, creatures, fungi, water, fire and air. You may start as any and become more."

So I don't have to be human?

"Right. Now, what are you?"

How do I choose?

"That, my curious friend, I cannot tell you. However, at this point, everyone is pretty much at the mercy of fire and humans."

Whoa! Humans are in charge?

"For now."

That's ominous.

"Well, maybe. Depends how they work one thing."

One? What might that be?

"They call it "love", a real issue for some, others take to it like a fish to water.

It's complicated, only humans can do it and some remarkably well."


I'm not a sophisticated soul and I'm intimidated by this exclusive "love" thing. Seems a huge responsibility for a simple being like me, but I kind of like the sound of a "fish to water".

"So be it."


A catfish!?! Oh for fryin' up cod!

"A special catfish!"

Special schmecial, how so?

"I gave you love."

Oh great jellyfish jamboree in July! I chose fish to avoid complications!

I thought, Humpback, Great White, maybe Marlin, you know, being divine and all.

Now I'm this catfish, with these unruly whiskers, who has to learn love...sigh.

"And receive. You'll do fine. I'm not supposed to tell you but,...all of you want to stay here,  however, this is not "being", this just is, you each need to "be". You'll see."

Thanks an ocean load. Can I change my mind?

"Nope. Too late, but you can re-invent yourself."




"Anything you want."


"That's up to you."

You're not so helpful.

"Oh, you'd be surprised."


 Well then, a fine, fat, white and black, animated, mythical catfish I am! 

There it is, let's swim this fish!

"You're terrestrial as well."

You mean I'm all-terrain?!

"Yup. Anti-gravity and space travel too."

I can fly?!? In space?! Cool! What else?


Ouch! You just made that up.

"Yup, in you."

And what does that do?

"It's for engaging the humans."

Gross, I don't like those things.

"Some you will, the rest won't matter. From those also chose, you will learn your love."

Sounds like a hit and miss proposition.

"You've no idea. Now, off with you before I change my mind."

You said I had to go.

"Would you prefer being a sea worm?"

...I'll grab my wag, wink, and SpLaSh!...>-=^;>

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