Journals of a Psychopath.



He is so insane, my psychopath thinks the trees talk to him.

The Purifiers and the Darkest-One

My shriek was fierce, the Purifiers gawped, and euphoria embraced them. Amy Lee wrenched her skull it activated a yelp of misery the chain had tightened. Searching through the props, I found lip cosmetic at the bottom. Painting her lips, they moved as I decorated them and consequently the lip-gloss was untidy. Pots of blusher were in the carrier, I colored the soft part of her face, it was enhanced by ruby circles, and her cheeks resembled a clown.
      “Now you are almost ready.”
Brushing Amy Lee’s hair and she was tranquil, caressing it she enjoyed the encounter.

Sir Richard in the dream

Stretching on top of her and he kissed Lady Flarice’s lips, he murmured in the Lady Flarice’s ear, I lost control.
Lunging into the tent, I thrust the sword into his spine, the crunch was audible Sir Richard’s howl reverberated in the Trees. Unconsciousness overtook Sir Richard and he slumped on her chest. My Lady Flarice leapt to her feet, he tumbled onto the floor, and her breasts moved up and down. Sir Richard came to, she rushed to him he thrashed with distress and then was still.
      “I cannot move I am paralyzed.”
Sir Richard's eyes rolled and I kicked his nether-region, indeed Sir Richard’s body did not register the act. Spearing his neck, twisting, I sliced the jugular vein I was elated my enemy was powerless. He bled out.
      “You are a dishonorable Knight,” Lady Flarice said.
Hauling her onto Hightower and Sir Richard on his horse, she was silent as we rode to the castle. Lady Flarice's silvery-blonde hair flowed behind. Shoving him, Sir Richard fell off the horse. I pulled her through the portal to my worlds.


She fixed her regard on my ligaments moving vigorously and I stared Rheanna out.
      “Come on let’s sex,” I said
      “I am not playing along, because Jayne is the sexiest woman you ever bedded.”
      “Phoebe satisfied me before I dumped her.”
      “What are you saying?”
      “Phoebe and I were together.”
Rheanna's face knotted with emotional agony and her eyes closed.
      “So what was Phoebe like? Did you treat her with the same disrespect you showed to me?”
      “Phoebe was more than adequate.”
Rheanna did not need to know I did not want Phoebe.
      “Does Jayne know?” She asked.
      “We enjoyed a threesome, so I guess Jayne is aware of it.”
      “I hate you.”
      “You always say that.”
      “You need help.”
      “You have also uttered that banality.”

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