Journals of a Psychopath



Obsession it is all in my book.

I saw Lady Flarice from the window, I was surprised, I asked for a refill, and I added more bourbon in the frothy liquid. Walking from the store and in her arms the Lady Flarice carried the groceries. Coasting to her car and she dumped the bags on the rear seat, Lady Flarice was an outstanding sight, and the jeans flattered her figure. Under the denim, the Lady Flarice was togged up in black lacy panties, and a lace bra disguised her squishy flesh. She rode off and following the Lady Flarice, her car was wired, I heard her say she would be home when dialing work on her cell. Lady Flarice was allowed to work from her abode at times, I relaxed when she did, in the Lady Flarice’s house no rivals lurked. Arriving home, she meandered into the kitchen. Opening a tin of soup and once heated, she sipped it with a silver spoon. Moving her tongue over her lips and my climax was instant. The desire to clip her wings was active, she was as free as a bird, and I wanted to do something drastic. I longed to storm into her dwelling and grab the Lady Flarice there and then. If I acted on my will the effect messy, I had to split from Lady Flarice however, the time in the lower world called, it was getting in the way of the higher.

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