A spirit knows only of freedom!



The envelope of Hope

A spirit knows only of freedom, but sometimes, it too needs leading out of the Darkness...

I usually only venture into town once a month but I always take a small surprise with me, a small surprise which to the recipient is really a big surprise!

We all know moneys tight in today’s climate of austerity but I always place a £5 note into a plain envelope, and when I see someone such as a busker or someone needing help and support, I look past the stereotypical assumptions people can readily place upon them ,and simply place my envelope within their little tin or hat.

It might seem a token gesture on my part, but to the recipient, it must seem heaven sent!

A friend once said, “Don’t give them anything; they will spend it on drink or drugs!”

My response was simply this, I choose to bestow them with a gift of kindness, whatever they choose to do with it is of no concern of mine.

We don’t know their situation, story or struggle, if my small gesture helps them in whatever way they deem necessary, why judge them.

Life’s hard and maybe, just maybe, that small token could just be the chink of light to slowly bring hope back into their lives!

You just never know!

“No act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted!”

Serva Fidem (L)
Keep the Faith

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