Lost Cloud



A little rhyming picture book story about a cloud who loses her friend and searches the whole world to find him.

One day a cloud formed in the sky, first arms, then legs, her head, her eyes.
Floating through the sky so blue she blinked three times then saw the view.
A Rabbit Cloud was floating near with little feet and floppy ears.
“Can we be friends?” the Cloud Girl cried. He didn’t speak but winked his eye.

‘’Oh yes, we will be friends forever! Let’s both explore the world together”.
With acrobatics in the air, they drifted off to everywhere.
They played and laughed. The rabbit grinned. They met another friend – The Wind!
They picked up speed and lifted high! They laughed so hard it made them cry.

“Faster, faster! Blow wind, blow!” Gliding past the world below.
Over forests, streets and farms. He twitched his nose, she stretched her arms.
The girl said “Rabbit, come with me. Let’s see if we can see the sea”.
They danced above the turning tide. The sea and sky were vast and wide.

They drifted out beyond the sand until there was no sight of land.
The wind grew tired, the night grew deep. They both lay down and fell asleep.
The seagulls squawked, the sunshine shone. But when she woke, her friend was gone.
“My rabbit friend, I have to find him.” So out to sea she started gliding.

Then up ahead, she saw some feet. “It isn’t me.” The Mouse Cloud squeaked.
“I am old, alone and grey. It happens to us all one day.”
“I won’t be alone – not me. I will find Rabbit. You will see!
I’ll find my friend, I’ll never stop. I’ll search the whole world from the top!”

She drifted north, the air grew colder. “He isn’t here.” The Cloud Fish told her.
“I haven’t seen your friend around”. She shivered and the snow fell down.
Then further south a cloud appeared. It looked a bit like rabbit’s ear.
But when she got a closer look, it wasn’t Rabbit. It was Duck.

She carried on, the air grew warm but then she saw…
The Thunderstorm.
A towering angry monster-cloud with flashing teeth and booming loud.
Hurling hailstones to the ground it saw the little girl and frowned.
“GO AWAY!” The monster boomed. “GO AWAY OR MEET YOUR DOOM!”

“I’m trying to find my friend.” She gasped.
She searched for days, she searched for weeks, over forests, farms and streets.

“Maybe Mouse was right” she sighed. “I am alone and grey” she cried.
Just then a cloud came into view “Hey, we looked everywhere for you!”
She felt so happy when she saw Mouse and Rabbit, paw in paw.
With little feet and floppy ears, he winked and rained down happy tears.

So hand in paw and paw in hand, they drifted over sea and land.
Joined together in the air, they drifted off to everywhere.

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