Phone Call



A short phone call sums up a couple's relationship.

JILL: Hello?

MARK: Jill, it's Mark, I'm outside. Are you ready?

JILL: I'll be another half an hour.

MARK: Bloody Hell! We're supposed to be there by eight.

JILL: I've just got to get dressed.

MARK: Dressed! How can you not be dressed yet?

JILL: Well I've been rushing around haven't I? What do you think I should wear?

MARK: I don't know — whatever you want. What do you normally wear?

JILL: Well I've got that blue dress...

MARK: Yeah that'll do.

JILL: But it's, well, you know...

MARK: What?

JILL: It's just that I saw myself in Charley's wedding video the other day and...

MARK: And what?

JILL: Well I thought it made my bum look big.

MARK: Oh God!

JILL: What do you think? Do you think that dress makes my bum look big?


JILL: Really?

MARK: It's not the dress that makes your bum look big it's your poor diet and lack of exercise. Just put it on and get down here!

JILL: What? I can't believe you just said that.

MARK: Look, you've got a great arse — okay?

JILL: I can't believe you think my bum looks big.

MARK: You make it sound like a bad thing.

JILL: How else is it supposed to sound? You never mentioned it before.

MARK: Look you've got a great body — God knows I've told you often enough.

JILL: I don't want to go now.

MARK: What!

JILL: They're your friends not mine.

MARK: Well don't put yourself out!

JILL: I won’t!

MARK: Look, I thought you liked my friends.

JILL: I think you think more of your friends than you think of me.

MARK: Jill, I love you, okay? I've told you that often enough haven't I? I don't want you to do anything you don't want to do okay? I want to make you happy Jill, that's all I want. Nothing is more important to me than that — not my friends, not anything.

JILL: Tell me again what a great body I've got.


JILL: Do you really think I've got a great body?

MARK: Well yes — I just said so didn't I?

JILL: Well why don't you come up and prove it?

MARK: What?

JILL: Come up… and show me.

MARK: Well I suppose if we're not going to the party, we have got a couple of hours to kill...

JILL: It'll take more than a couple of hours for what I've got in mind...

MARK: I'll be right up.

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