From the 2nd book, Attack at Luna Station



Kirashi regains consciousness after the attack at Luna Station

Kirashi opened her eyes. The room was dark. She saw a dim shaft of light above. Tiny particles from smashed debris swirled like glitter. The hard surface she lay on burned her hands.  

The slab tilted. Her feet were elevated. She heard the rat-tat-tat of a jackhammer. Her head and left side hurt. As she became more conscious, pain grew stronger. She coughed, breathing dust and smoke. Her left arm wouldn’t move. She felt over her body with her right hand until she found the place on her side. She touched it and gasped. A metallic stick, affixed to the floor, pushed into her side. Her body arched around it, breaking ribs, preventing her from sliding down the tilted floor. She realized she was under a table. The table leg, attached to the floor stopped her slide.  

She had been in a meeting. The room shook, the floor tilted, the power went out.  

Jackhammer sounds grew closer.  

She remembered Malah, crushed by the marble bust, then everything went dark. She took a deeper breath, wincing. The back of her head hurt. “Gashan,” she called out; but there was no response. She felt another presence.  

“I’m here,” she heard a voice. It was Sagar.  

She tried to shift her body to look in the direction of the voice. Involuntarily, she moaned with pain.  

“Don’t move,” Sagar said. “Help is coming.”  

“What happened?” Kirashi whispered.  

“Rescue bots close by,” Sagar finished her statement.  

She heard slabs of stone shift and groan against each other. The floor jolted downwards a half meter, jarring them sharply. Kirashi gasped from the pain tearing at her side. She heard a spray of objects falling below, debris crashing onto another surface. She shifted her body and turn her head enough to see where the voice came from.  

In dim light, through smoke and dust, she saw a darkened shape slumped in a corner. She could make out the round shape of a head against the white wall as Sagar turned to face her. To her left was blackness. At the wall the floor was jagged, portions collapsed and shifted, opening a large gap. The walls and floor around the opening were blackened from burning. Looking back at Sagar, she saw her blonde tresses were gone. Her face, hairless head and environmental suit all burned. “Are you OK?” Kirashi asked.  

Instead of a vocal response, she received a telepathic message, “Tunnels around the base… they attacked. We were attacked.”

“Are you OK?” Kirashi asked again. 

The next message stated, “Malah and Gashan are dead. Don’t worry about me.”  

They were blinded by a bright, white light hovering up through a gap in the floor — rescue bots. Hearing a loud bang Kirashi turned her head and saw the shadow of a muscled, bear-like creature, standing where the door had been. He walked forward, and similar beast appeared behind him. The two creatures turned and pushed a boulder of concrete away from the collapsed hallway. When they walked closer, she saw a glint, a reflection of light on the visor of a helmet. She shrank back, but these were not beasts. The Enkara Tammabukku, muscled fighters, walked to her. The man in front placed a breathing mask over her face.

She breathed sweet, live giving oxygen.

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