His Vision



Lord allow me to see and to use my discipline to honor you with all my substance and with the firstfruits of all my increase. You are so awesome my Lord. You even guaranteed return with plenty; you also have the best investment program...

Lord allow me to see and to use my discipline to honor you with all my substance and with the firstfruits of all my increase. You are so awesome my Lord. You even guaranteed return with plenty; you also have the best investment program that exists in the world. Father, You thought of all our needs. Father give me the vision to accomplish this. I am in awe of You Lord; You are the best anyone can have. Lord allow me to speak and testify of all your splendor and grandness with all the abilities that you give me, us. You increase with your perfect plan for us. Thank You in Jesus's Name Amen



Prov. 3:5-10 June-29

After reading these verses, I realize that I must work on improving this area in my life. How awesome it would be that once I do these.

The Lord will give me wisdom, will direct my path. This is powerful because every step I take is solidly directed by my God who never makes mistakes, is a guarantee of my success and no one can do that but God can. This gets me so excited; It's like knowing that your steps in life may look crazy in others eyes. Things can look unbelievable to others but I can be assured and confident that the incredible will be accomplished because it is God's steps, His path that I am traveling. Thank you Lord.



She will be there with you all the time; she will be your eyes for the ministry. Mr. Cisco I know this since I met you, and now it's time for me to tell you. I hope I live to see it.

Also, Mr. Cisco does not tell anyone about your issues and make sure your wife does the same, bring it to the Lord because now you know. You both pray for each other and ask God to give you discernment, wisdom, renewed mind and insight because God is ready and insight because God is ready and now you are too. God bless you Mr. Cisco.

This was a transforming experience for me. Now I know that Theresa does love me, and her heart is my heart because I am the Lord. I also know that I am here to protect Theresa and care for her because she is a gift that God gave me. I am to love her like Christ love the church.



It's been a year since then now 2005 June. Another powerful experience, this one being more detailed than the rest.

Apparently, I am on another level, I’ve been in preparation for the mission of the Lord.

This time was a special lady in my family, and her name is Dr. Jones- she called me and asked to speak with me. She told me that all the issues and obstacles with my wife are the doing of the enemy, he knows he can not get to me, so the only way to get to me is through my closest people my wife; then it would be my children then my business, then me. Then she said Mr. Cisco I kid you not what I am going to tell you, you will be very rich, and you will use it for God, you will be the father to thousands of people Mr. Cisco.

You are to be in ministry because the Lord knows what He has been preparing you for. You have been in training all this time.

Your wife Theresa will be there next to you; she is part of the equation because the Lord will use her to be with you in ministry.



The Lord said you are to be in ministry, and you will touch thousands of people; you will be lifted up this year coming, and all people will know about it but is for His glory. I have to pray for you because the enemy is trying to stop you but he can't. He is trying because you are like a storm for him, and he is doing something to you right now to arrest you and a disease in your chest.

So he began to pray over me and laid hands on me on my knee and my chest, then I fell back on a chair, I felt like something came out of me and a warm sensation was in my body. Then he began to describe how it could be; I would be eating in a golden table with golden utensils as a king does and all my enemies will see it and that I must obey God.

This time, I was serious about this, frustrated and a feeling of honor came to me. Now, what do I do? What is my next step? Do I read the Bible more, do I go to school for ministry, does it mean that I drop the school, or do I give up FPS, scary thoughts?

That next year I became a VP, What a great feeling. I got close to God, and I become more and more in the image of Him.


This was a shock to me because I didn’t t want to be in ministry or preaching or talking to people and again all these emotions came out again. But I was also curious as to what does this all mean to me and for God.

My next encounter was with an elder of my church NALWC. I was going up to the office in the morning when this man I passed by turned and went after me and said, wow do you know that the Lord wants you in ministry. You have an anointing so powerful, and he began to praise God and then said just listen to the Lord, He will bring you the people, the resources, and everything, you just need to be ready.

You will have a massive church; again I was moved, and these emotions came, but now I wanted to share it but with who. So I began to tell God well I m here but what will I do, now do I know what to do when will it be, is it now?

My next one was at a client house; I went to help City with a mortgage when this mom came into the kitchen to get coffee and said to me I have a word for you.




Vision 2

For the next four years, my life would take a drastic change in who I am. How I saw myself and the desires that I had, the relationships with my wife and children, the relationship with myself and with God.

In one year I had three confirmations about my vision by three different people who do not know each other, but they do know the same God.

The first was a lady or woman name, Martha. God put her in my life for about a year; I began giving her a ride to the base shop since she had no car. We always talked about God and our relationship with Him, prayer, fasting, etc. During this time she gave me some books from Mike Murdock, she told me is because of a need to get ready.

Another day she said that the Lord told her to pray for me because I was to be preparing for something that God has in store for me. That I need to pray for my wife and children because the enemy is going to try to stop me because he knows that it would be a threat to him. Then she told me Mat the Lord is going to use you in a massive way; you will be in ministry that is where God wants you.


His Vision

The Lord said, now go, my son, all those people are waiting for you. I love you.

At that moment the vision left, and I came to awareness with a feeling of joy, excitement, and fear. How would I know what is next? Why me, why now, and I began to struggle with what I want and what the Lord wants.

How would I know if the same or different? How would I go about it, what would I be waiting for or what action do I take, who can I tell about this and would they take me seriously. Will this fade from my memory or was I day dreaming? I went like this for all these years, God is patient and has His perfect time for everything.



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