Grim Reaper



Here is a brief excerpt from my book Grim Reaper... You can't hide when his footsteps come your way You can't elude his solid grasp on that fateful day You can't outsmart his expertise in this game You can't ignore his cries when death calls your name

It’s true that most people are fearful of dying. They are afraid of death for many reasons. When will they die? How will they die? Will they suffer? Will it be painful? Will death be slow or swift? And where will they go after they have passed away? Grab your courage and embark with me on a trip as we travel down the path just prior to death, just before souls reach the junction, crossing from the natural realm into the supernatural dimension. Together we will explore events leading up to the last moments of life, the final phase of living, right before the very last point of death which is the point of no return. There is a distinct difference between an Angel of Death and the Grim Reaper. One is a source of love, comfort and peace, who escorts the dead to another realm. They are called Angels of Death. And one is a terrifying evil creature, normally depicted as someone wearing a black hood and carrying a scythe. These frightening brutes take the dead to another plane. They are called Grim Reapers. There is also a unique unmistakeable contrast in their manner of operation. Grim Reapers do not work in the same fashion as Death Angels. Then there is the vast distinction in their appearances. Angels of Death who emanate dazzling glowing bright lights, shaped in human forms are radiant and breathtakingly beautiful mighty beings, who possess almost limitless supernatural strength. Grim Reapers, while super strong, rely more on their wickedly cunning nefarious shenanigans. They are ugly monsters rooted in hatred for the human race and instil fear into targeted victims.

The large multiple-storey mall on the West side of Misty Hollow was busy as usual. Brimming with hordes of agitated shoppers everywhere, the security officers had their hands full. The impatient people shoved their way through the throngs of consumers and prospective buyers. Babies were crying, children were screaming, adults were shouting and the loud noise in the shopping complex was almost deafening. The aged were dawdling, the youthful were running and the young adults were scurrying. It was a chaotic scene to say the least.

But the crowded mall was not only filled with human beings for among them were Death Angels and Grim Reapers, watching and waiting…

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