Possessed Animals



A story that goes beyond just animal possession... Why did Missy the cat attack Kirsten? Who was the strange little girl? What secret were a group of people hiding? And what about the chiming bells? Were they all related?

It’s hard to imagine that our domesticated loving pets could actually be taken over by evil entities in such a ferocious way, where they turn on us. There are numerous horrific well-documented historical accounts of our devoted four-legged companions, occasionally being influenced and controlled by unseen forces, either temporarily or permanently. It’s often said that the animal kingdom possess a certain kind of “sense” that we as humans are oblivious to. They seem to be accurately good judges of character of people and they seem to see and hear invisible things or beings that we don’t detect. If our beloved pets could only talk, what would they tell us?

A short excerpt...

The southern section of Haddington in Scotland is an affluent suburb with a gloomy shady period of history. The residents don’t often talk about those dismal paranormal events. Besides, their last account happened a long time ago... Several nights later as Kirsten was relaxing in her bath, she heard chimes in the distance. At first she paid no attention to them, but as they grew louder and seemed to be getting nearer and nearer, she got out of the bath and dried herself with a big towel. The ringing bells made her nervous since there were no churches nearby. After she hurriedly threw on some clothes, she went to investigate. She opened her front door and abruptly the loud bells stopped ringing. It was silent...The following morning the residents in the south of Haddington awoke to an anomalous sight. The sky displayed a faint reddish glow, like someone had taken a paint brush and stroked it with long thin lines of red paint. The entire region was enveloped with a grey mist. The sunrays which filtered through the murky fog, was unable to dissipate the heavy coat of haze. It smugly draped the whole area. Pot plants and garden flowers laid drooped in the sand. The green grass had turned yellow overnight. There were no chirping of birds or humming of insects. It’s as if life had come to a standstill in the southern part of the town. And then in a heartbeat it all dissolved and melted away as if someone had peeled off the backdrop prop on a movie film set. The heavens resumed it’s original blue colour and scattered puffs of white clouds swept across the sky. The birds were singing and the insects were buzzing. The flowers stood erect in the earth and the crisp green lawns nestled the ground underneath them.

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