Penelope Glamour Puss



Written on the 2/5/12. I wanted to write a cute spy story, hope you like it.

Penelope glamour puss was the most glamorous cat; she had the best of everything, she had to have the most comfortable bed. She always went out wearing the finest clothes; she never left home without her jewelry on.

            One day Penelope was invited to a birthday party, of her posh friend. You know the type of party, where everyone drank milk out of special glasses with silver rims. Penelope wore her favorite collar, which was covered in diamonds; it was Penelope favorite collar.

            One day Penelope wore her necklace to the supermarket to buy milk. After she returned home she realized she had forgotten the present for her friend. She looked at her pretty necklace in the mirror before going to the flouriest to get the most beautifulness flowers. She just got home and she realized she forgot the perfume, Penelope glamour puss looked at her necklace in the mirror once more then headed out once more.

            Penelope found a perfume bottle that sparkled like diamonds, now Penelope didn’t know that someone was eyeing off her necklace. The cat who was eyeing off the necklace was a cat burglar, who sneaked up and stole her necklace without detection. Penelope paid for the gift and headed home.

            Penelope got halfway home when she remembered she needed a cake for her friend, after picking up the cake and returned home, to her shock she seen her necklace was gone. Penelope rang the police and officer Hound came down and took her statement and told her that a cat burglar was going around stealing peoples belongings. Penelope had to go to her friend’s party without her necklace. At the party she was telling her friends about the cat burglar.

            No one knew that the cat burglar had come to the party. The burglar slinked around grabbing all he could. Officer Hound seen the cat burglar was about to steal a tuna sandwich. He was about to reach out to grab the sandwich and officer Hound placed the cat burglar under arrest, the burglar let out a yell and everyone turned to see the cat burglar with his loot on his back in a big gray sack. The cat burglar gave all the things back, all that he kept was the tuna sandwich, the party turned from a birthday to a celebration of the cat burglar being caught. Penelope returned home, before going to bed she put her favorite necklace in a safe and only wore it on special occasions.




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