Day At The Beach



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This is the 9th story I wrote, which I wrote for my daughter who was 8yrs old at the time. She loved this story, I hope you will to.

Today my mum and dad took me to the beach. We all piled in the car, mum, dad and I.
We drove for what felt like hours, in the heat of the day. Soon dad was parking the car. Mum went to the back of the car and got out the cooler, umbrella, plus the towels.

As mum and dad were setting things up us saw so many sea gulls, as well as a couple of swans. There was so much going on. People were lying on their towels. Some people were playing games and others were floating around.

I quickly got into the water and started to swim around. As I was swimming I saw a school of tiny fish darting here and there.

I also saw a starfish sitting on a near by rock. I even copied a crab walking along the shore. I also watched a jelly fish float by with its friend; I sat there pondering if they were talking to each other about things that only they understood.

I seen my dad lying on the sand with his hat on his head, mum and I buried him under the sand, dad laughed. Mum said it was time to eat some lunch. I ate my sandwich and apple.

After I sat there for a bit before I went back into the water. I swam around the sea weed, and made a sand castle on the shore then mum called me because we were going home. On the drive home I couldn’t help smiling because I had the best day at the beach ever.



finished on the 31/12/2011

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