The change is up to you....



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The change is up to you


Yesterday I was speaking to someone who asked me what do I tell someone to convince them to hire me, (for those of you who don't know what I do, I am a Profession Organizer and Life Organizer)

Well I thought about it and said "Its not about me convincing them to hire me, its about them and if they are willing to change"


Yes, you have to get to a point where enough is enough, when you walk into your home, where it is supposed to be your sanctuary, your safe haven yet its not. You get overwhelmed, it feels like the walls are closing in on you, you have so much crap all around you, you can't breathe.


It is only when you can't stand to walk into your space one more day, that you say enough is enough, I need a change. That is when you will call me, that is why I don't need to convince you to change your life, you will be ready.

I will just be there to show you how, to hold your hand, to set up a system, that you can follow, so that you can succeed.


That is the same in all areas of your life, I see friends all the time stuck in horrible relationships and you tell them how great they are, how they deserve so much more, you tell them to leave but until enough is enough, nothing you say will work.


How many times I had heard I was throwing my life away, that I was a drunk, that I was hiding behind a bottle or a straw but each and every time I woke up on the floor next to the toilet, I still wasn't there, I still couldn't or wouldn't admit I had a problem and needed to change.


You need to get to that point yourself, no matter if your a drunk, if you sleep around, if your a hoarder, if your job sucks, if your relationship is killing doesn't matter what situation your in, it's all the same, you won't change it, until your sick and tired of being sick and tired, until your ready and willing to step up and step out of your box, until you put your ego away and ask for help, until you can't make it through one more day of this, not until then will you be ready for change.


If your like me you will fight it, your hard headed, you won't admit that you chose wrong, that you have a problem, your ego is too big to admit your wrong or need help. Don't worry you will get to this point but you will endure so much more pain that you have to before you will cry out enough is enough!


So today my friends, I not here or here on this blog to convince you to hire me or to listen to my words, I am here to tell you my story, to show you if I can do it, you can too, to hold your hand and help you see the best you can be but in the end, the change is up to you.


"Be the change you want to see"


"And just when the caterpillar thought his life was over...he turned into a beautiful butterfly"


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