Lighting strikes twice



This is a (very) short story I did for my English class last fall. It's inspired by Little Mix's song Lightning, which I adore.

There were once four, fierce goddesses. They were called Layla, the goddess of well-being, Jesminda, the goddess of mental strength and health, Jade, the goddess of generosity and Penelope, the goddess of wisdom. And they fell in love. Usually, love is a beautiful thing. However, this time, they fell in love with mortal men. How could that work out in any way?

The goddesses showed their love by sending gifts, blessing them and making sure that they never had misfortune. The men, had no idea — they just thought they were lucky.

"What a joy it would be to be a human and be able to show my love directly", sighed Penelope. Others agreed. "Ladies, tell me how are we so unlucky? To fall in love with normal men, not the gods that we spend our days with", Layla agreed. "This all burns like ice and I wish I didn't love him, but I do, and somehow it also feels wonderful", Jade commented. "Oh Jade", Jesminda said and hugged her friend.

"What are you four talking about?" Bua, the main goddess, came over to them after overhearing their conversation. "Uhm, nothing..." all of them mumbled. "I heard mentions of love... You can tell me anything." The goddesses looked at each other, then Layla decided to speak out. "All of us have feelings towards men. But the problem is that they are mortal... They exist in another world, on Earth". Bua was shocked, yet tried to understand. "Alright, these things happen every now and then. I have two options. You can either forget about them and keep your godly powers or if you really believe the love is genuine, I can turn you into humans so you can go find them. That doesn't reassure that they will love you back. When lightning strikes twice in two days, I want you to give your reply. Think wisely." Bua spoke to them. They all nodded.

For the next day the same thoughts went through their minds — what to decide? Which has more benefits? Which is wiser? Is love worth it? "I want to be a goddess but I also want to be with him" Jade said. They all looked down at the men. "But they are normal... We don't know what kind of personalities they have.. And what if they end up being jerks and don't care about us?" Jesminda thought. "Jesminda, don't be so negative!" Penelope chided.

Lightning striked twice. The goddesses encountered Bua. "Your answer please." She demanded. "We have decided to stay as goddesses. It's more important than stupid boys we don't actually know." Jade replied. "Good." The main goddess left and Layla, Jesminda, Penelope and Jade hummed their favourite poem; O fortuna, velut luna, statu variabilis.

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