"...You're not going to get me now, spirits can't cross water..."

Aftermath, my true story.

"You're not going to get me now, spirits can't cross water." I felt a release of whatever it was that had attached itself to me, as we boarded the plane. Our destination was Germany, a five-year posting. I had mixed emotions, I knew I would miss my family terribly. But when you marry a soldier that's the way life would be.

I remember that first winter we were there. I had never seen so much snow, and being snowed in with two kids for days was a nightmare in itself. But as I stood on my balcony looking out for miles: the little German village encrusted in a blanket of freshly fallen snow, was a beautiful sight.

   Three years later: the view still  enchanted me.

  "...What... you're going away again?" I exclaimed. "The kids won't know you at this rate."  I exclaimed turning away from the spectacular view slamming the balcony door behind me. My husband had just come home from camp telling me the news that he was going away. I was being selfish, I knew what to expect when I married a soldier. But I missed him terribly when he was away. 

  And it was on one of my many nights without him, the kids tucked up in bed soundly sleeping, I too decided on an early night after a hot relaxing bath. But my night would end up with me being terrified hearing the scuffling of feet climbing up on to my balcony outside my bedroom window.. I lay there motionless, this time I knew it wasn't the paranormal. So who... or what was it?

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