Bad and Loud



3rd episode of the Adventures of Nilstut the Strange.

The knife rack was heavy and thus slowly removed from the street stand, into the store, where Ali Sadist carried it into the storage room, to expose next day, as usual.
At the counter, Ari Sadist counted the money.

The afternoon was warm and balmy. It was the end of the day on the Sadist Brothers store.

From the other side of the street, two fast jaywalkers, clearly well versed in the equestrian arts through endovenous means, ran in the direction of the optician, just nearby. They halted a while, fumbling inside a little stash bag, then walked briskly, and stopped in front of the Sadist Brothers store and started arguing rather loud.

Inside the store, Ari noticed the scene, and his hand below the counter fondled the handle of the butcher knife he kept there for bad events. He was always prepared.

Further across the road, from his room window where the table was placed, Nilstut watched the happenings from afar. It wasn't the first time he'd seen them, Joe and Kay, the Junkie Brothers, arguing heatedly.
His hand dunked the piece of bread into the warm tea. Soaked it lightly, then took it slowly to the mouth.

On the other side of the street, Junkie Brothers waved arms in the air and shouted at each other.
Inside the store, the Sadist Brothers observed quietly.

It was then, that Nilstut's Mother came in his room, a little pile of clean and folded clothes brought with, that she placed in his closet. Nilstut didn't moved, only his hand to and fro with bread and tea and eyes fixed in the circus out there.

Mother walked to the window, quickly opened it and shouted to the outside: "What the hell are you doing! Go home!".

Both Sadist and Junkie Brothers were halted in their tracks and silent.

A louder voice might be difficult.





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