Beast of the Bronx Chapter 7



A new hero enters the scene and the School Dance occupies our two heroes' minds. But can they stop a new evil team that Hidishi hired?




“WHAT!!!” Hidishi yelled. “You let those kids beat you!”

“I’m sorry sir,” the guy replied trembling, “but they were too strong for us.”

“TOO STRONG?!!!” Hidishi yelled. “I’LL SHOW YOU STRONG!!”

Hidishi extended his hand. The guy’s eyes widened as he felt a sharp pain. Blood oozed from both sides of the guy’s body. Hidishi removed his hand. The guy dropped to his knees and fell face first. Hidishi wiped the blood off his hands and asked his secretary to send in a cleanup crew. Just then, someone knocked on the door.

“Enter,” said Hidishi.

“Sir, your reinforcements have arrived,” his secretary replied.

“Excellent and in good time,” he said. “Send them in.”

“Right away sir,” she said as she closed the door behind of her.

A few minutes later, five guys dressed in black jumpsuits stood in front of Hidishi. A huge smile spread over his face as he looked at them.

“You guys must be the best of the best?” he asked.

“YES SIR!” they shouted in unison.

“Excellent,” Hidishi said grinning evilly.


Clattering sounds filled the back alley. From an outside perspective, one female was surrounded by five brawly men. But from the inside, it was a bad idea.

This young girl had all the right curves in all the right places. Her mocha complexion made her look a little Hispanic. She had dark brown shoulder length hair, a semi-wide nose, and dark brown eyes. She wore blue jeans shorts and a baby blue tank top with a yin-yang symbol on the front.

She dashed forward and kneed the nearest guy in the face. Blood squirted out from his broken nose as his body let gravity carry him to the ground. Pissed, another guy stepped up with a jab. She dodged and countered with a left hook. He clenched his stomach as he fell to his knees.

“Hmph, barely a warm-up,” she said.

The remaining three stared at her, each with a pulsating vein on their forehead. They teamed up and quickly charged towards her. She leaped forward, stepping on one of their faces. The extra boost flew her into the air. She could see over the rooftops, feeling she could grasp the moon in her hands. Suddenly, light began to swirl around her as she plummeted back to Earth. The light crashed into the ground and quickly dispersed, revealing someone different.

The girl’s transformation was like, Damn! Her body was covered in yellow fur with white fur around her chest and abdomen. She stood in a tiptoe position and had a bushy yellow tail with a white tip. Her nose and mouth had extended out and her ears had moved to the top of her head. She had green eyes, a small black nose and razor sharp claws. Even her clothes made her body look fine.

The three guys froze in terror. She grinned and leaped into the air, crossing her arms over her chest.

“NEEDLE STORM!!!” she shouted.

Instantly, a shower of needle-shaped energy came crashing down onto the guys. They dodged, but couldn’t keep up with the fast pace. The needles hit their marks. Tiny explosions filled the back alley as the guys flew in different directions.

“So, are you guys ready to talk?” she asked, towering over their bruised bodies.


Rosa and Tracy were at Schwann shopping for the Spring Dance. Although Rosa and Tracy were classmates, they never spoke to each other in Gym class. It was after Tracy’s first date with Mark that they knew about each other and quickly became friends.

“This blouse will go nicely with this skirt,” said Rosa picking out a red long-sleeve blouse from the rack.

“What do you think of this outfit?” asked Tracy holding khaki pants and a black tank top.

“Girl, it’s cute, but you need something better.”

Rosa showed Tracy a black skirt with a blue off-the-shoulder blouse.

“I think Mark will like it that better,” Tracy replied with a smile.

Silence filled the air. Then, Tracy asked Rosa a question.

“Hey, why did you choose Andrew as your date?”

“I told you before: the other guys in our school are jerks.”

“Maybe, but is that the real reason?”

Rosa didn’t answer.


The young girl arrived home to find her mother sitting on the couch in her robe. She looked at her mother and quickly averted her eyes. She could feel a lecture rising up from her mother’s throat.

“Where were you? It’s already eleven and way past your curfew.”

“Mom, I…”

“Don’t ‘Mom me’, Shanta Shepherd. I know you’ve been going out and fighting those thugs. Just ‘cause you got some strange powers doesn’t make you a superhero. ”

Mrs. Shepherd looked like an older version of Shanta. She was the same height as Shanta and had the same mocha complexion. Even the dark brown eyes, semi-wide nose, and shoulder-length black hair were the same.

“You expect me to hide them and never use them?” Shanta asked angrily. “You were there when Madam Renee gave me my powers.”

Mrs. Shepherd began to recall the event in her mind.

It was a cold winter night ten years ago. The snow had fallen the night before and the city sweepers hadn’t made their rounds yet. On their way towards the grocery store, Mrs. Shepherd noticed a figure slowly approaching them. It was Madam Renee, but was walking instead of sitting in her chair. Shanta, who was holding Mrs. Shepherd’s hand, couldn’t stop staring at Madam Renee. It almost felt like meeting a celebrity for the first time. Madam Renee stopped and stared

back at Shanta with her dark shades. Mrs. Shepherd stepped in front of Shanta and glared at Madam Renee.

“I mean you no harm, Mrs. Shepherd,” Madam Renee said with a smile.

“How…do you know me?” Mrs. Shepherd asked with an astonished look.

“Your child is one of the chosen few to save this world,” Madam Renee answered. I know it is hard to believe, but it is the truth. A dark force is slowly approaching. There is no time to waste.”

Quickly, Madam Renee pulled out a deck of cards from her pocket. She shuffled the deck. She slowly pulled out a card from the deck and revealed it to Mrs. Shepherd. It was a picture of a fox. Confused, Mrs. Shepherd took the card from Madam Renee’s hand.

“Please, give the card to Shanta,” Madam Renee insisted.

Mrs. Shepherd did what she was told. Shanta held the card in her tiny hands. Instantly, a swirl of light surrounded her. Mrs. Shepherd stepped back, shielding her eyes from the intense light. Cries of pains rang in Mrs. Shepherd’s ears as she heard Shanta screaming in pain. Try as she might, she couldn’t progress further to save her daughter. The light faded. Mrs. Shepherd ran towards Shanta, who was lying on the ground face first. She held her in her arms. Shanta’s eyes fluttered and opened. Mrs. Shepherd embraced Shanta tightly.

Even after all that, I still can’t get over the tattoo, Mrs. Shepherd thought as she slowly came back to reality.

She sighed. “Just be careful, okay? You know I hate worrying.”

“I know, mom,” replied Shanta and kissed her mother on the forehead.


Three days came and went. Soon, the School Dance was only five hours away. Andrew waited anxiously for the bell to ring for two o’clock dismissal in his Algebra class. He looked at Rosa for a moment and then back at the clock. The bell

rang loudly as everyone scrambled out of the seats. As Andrew placed some of his books into his locker, he couldn’t help but think about Rosa.

She is pretty, but will she enjoy dancing with me?

Andrew knew he has acted different around her, like he didn’t want to be bothered by her. But Andrew just didn’t know how to tell her how he felt.

“Yo, Drew, you ready for tonight?” a voice called out to him.

It was Josh with a huge grin. Andrew slapped fists with him.

“Kinda,” Andrew replied shyly.

“Aren’t you going with Rosa?”


“Dude, you are so crushin’ on her, right?”

“S-Shut up, man!”

“Dude, it’s cool. I think Rosa’s a sexy chick too. You should totally hit that.”

“Josh, stop saying childish things,” another voice called out.

It was Emily. “Andrew, I think it’s cute that you like Rosa. You should tell her how you feel.”

“But…I…” Andrew started.

“Just let it come out natural,” Emily replied with a smile. “I’m sure she likes you too.”

“I hope so…” Andrew said with a sigh.


Andrew got home and placed his bookbag down on the bed. He quickly took a shower. Andrew wiped away the steam from the mirror and stared into it. He really wondered if Rosa really saw him more than a friend. He sighed as he put on a yellow-collared shirt with blue horizontal stripes, blue jeans pants, and his new

Tims he bought last week. Andrew walked to the kitchen to get something to eat. The smell enticed his nose as Lily had already made dinner for everyone.

“Thanks Lily,” Andrew said, “It looks great.”

“Eat up before it gets cold,” she replied.

William came into the dining room wearing a blue-collared shirt with gray horizontal stripes, blue jeans pants, and blue and yellow Lybocks. He even combed his raggedy brown hair.

“You look tight, Will,” Andrew said and ate another bite of his food.

“You too, Drew,” William replied and moved closer towards Andrew. “So I heard you’re taking Rosa to the dance.”

“You are? That’s great Drew,” replied Mike walking into the kitchen. “You and Rosa make a cute couple.”

Andrew stopped chewing and ignored Mike’s last comment. With a mouthful of food, he said to William, “Yeah…so?”

“Oh, nothing,” William answered. “I just wanted to know if it was true. Oh yeah, you might want to hurry up since you have to pick her up.”

Andrew looked at his watch and realized he had ten minutes before he picked Rosa up. Andrew rushed to the bathroom and quickly brushed his teeth. He put some cologne on his neck and took one last look at himself in the mirror. With enough satisfaction, Andrew jogged towards the door. He kissed Lily goodbye and ran outside the door.


Andrew arrived at the Sanchez apartment with two minutes to spare.

The Sanchez’s tenth floor apartment is like the Roberts’ apartment: small yet comfortable. Andrew didn’t know if they redecorated since the last time he came over, which was around age ten. He mostly remembered the living room. It was the same size as his, but it had beige carpeting. Ms. Sanchez always kept her rosaries in her oak cabinet, which was on the left side of the room. The TV and couch were

on the right side and were tilted a little. The bathrooms were always clean and Rosa’s room was always dirty.

Andrew rang the doorbell and waited for someone to open the door. A few seconds later, Ms. Sanchez opened the door.

Ms. Sanchez looked like an older version of Rosa. She was the same height as Lily and was a little plump. She had brown shoulder-length hair, a small nose and hazel eyes.

“Rosa will be out shortly,” she said sweetly. “Please, come in, Andrew.”

Andrew stepped inside. It was the way he remembered it. Minutes later, Rosa walked out of her room.

“Aren’t we sexy tonight,” Ms. Sanchez said in a slick tone.

Man, Rosa looked hot. Rosa wore a red long-sleeved blouse showing her belly button and some cleavage, blue jeans skirt that made her butt look bigger, and her blue shoes. She even wore red lipstick to match her outfit. Not only that, but her hair was up in a bun which made her hazel eyes glow a little more.

“You look hot,” Andrew said blushing bright red.

“You don’t think it’s too much?” she asked not listening to him.

“Oh no,” he answered still blushing. “It’s just perfect.”


As they walked to the gym entrance, Rosa held Andrew’s arm. He couldn’t stop blushing. Once inside, they stood there in awe looking at the decorated gym.

It was awesome. Streamers and balloons hung everywhere. Over in the left corner was the DJ playing the hottest hits. In the middle of the gym was a huge disco globe that glistened all over the place. Even the colored spotlights added a nice touch to the décor. The gym was crowded with people, even though most of them were sitting down talking. When the music got crunk, all the black people got up and danced.

Andrew quickly found Mark and Tracy on the dance floor. Boy, were they having fun. They were bumping and grinding to all the hits. He even saw Josh trying to impress this cute girl with his moves. To his surprise, Josh managed to get the girl to dance with him longer. Emily, who wore a pink halter dress with a white cardigan, waved to Andrew and Rosa. They waved back and stared at the dance floor. Andrew looked at Rosa and asked if she wanted to dance. She nodded and

led Andrew to the dance floor. As Andrew danced with Rosa, he realized he wasn’t half-bad.

“You’re getting better,” she said to Andrew as they continued to dance.

“Thanks,” Andrew said trying not to lose his concentration.

As the night went on, Rosa and Andrew danced to almost every song the DJ dished out. When the DJ said it was time to find that special someone for a slow song, Andrew immediately freaked.

“I uh…I uh…” he managed to say.

“What’s wrong?” Rosa asked. “You’re not afraid to dance a slow song with me?”

“Me…noooo,” Andrew answered trying to act cool.

“Good, now I want you to lead,” she said smiling.

Andrew gulped. “Sure.”

He placed his hands on her hips. She wrapped her arms around his neck. Andrew began to blush. Rosa rested her head on his shoulder, turning Andrew’s face into a tomato. As the music played, Andrew led the way. Suddenly, he felt calm. Andrew wrapped his arms around Rosa’s hips and let his body get closer to

hers. She blushed. He wasn’t sure where he got the courage to do this, but he liked every minute of it.


Meanwhile, in a black sedan, the five guys in jumpsuits waited for the right moment to strike. One of the guys looked at his watch.

He nodded. “Let’s make this fast.”


As the song continued to play, Rosa and Andrew looked into each other’s eyes. Andrew smiled.

“What?” she asked in a sweet voice.

“You’re so beautiful,” Andrew answered. “And I can’t take my eyes off of you.”

Rosa blushed. It was the first time Andrew saw her blush like that from a complement.

Why am I so nervous all of a sudden? Is Tracy right? Do I really…?

They both leaned their heads slowly towards each other. Andrew couldn’t believe he was going to kiss Rosa. He was only a centimeter from locking lips with her.

BAM! The gym doors flew open revealing the five guys in jumpsuits. Rosa held Andrew tightly as the guys walked closer to the dance floor.

From the looks of these guys, they were from Japan. Mark and Andrew knew Hidishi sent these goons to stop them. The only problem was how were they going to transform without everyone knowing?

“We’re looking for two kids who can meta-morph,” the leader said. “Have you seen them?”

Nobody answered. Nobody had a clue to what they were talking about. Tracy looked at both Mark and Andrew.

“I’ll ask again nicely,” he said angrily. “Where are they?”

“Dude, what the hell are you talking about?” Josh asked.

“I guess they haven’t seen them,” the leader said to his team. “Torch the place, Flameboy.”

A short skinny kid with black spiky hair, a long face and dark brown eyes stepped forward from the group and instantly lit his hands on fire. He raised his fiery hands towards the ceiling and began firing flames. Everyone ran for safety,

screaming at the top of the lungs. Soon, only Mark, Tracy, Rosa and Andrew were left.

“That was easy,” said Flameboy as he extinguished the flames surrounding his hands.

“Rosa, I want you to leave now,” Andrew said still focusing his eyes on the group.

“Are you crazy!” she exclaimed still holding onto him. “You can’t fight them.”

“Don’t worry about me,” said Andrew. “I can take care of myself.”

“You better go too,” replied Mark looking at Tracy.

“Come on Rosa, let the boys handle it,” said Tracy. “I know they can take care of themselves.”

Once Rosa and Tracy left the gym, Mark and Andrew were ready for business.

“Who the hell are you guys?” Mark asked.

“We are the Meta-Morphic Five,” the leader said.

“Well, at least their name is original,” said Andrew sarcastically.

“I’m Big C,” the leader said and introduced the rest of the gang by size. “Next to me is Rampage, Gyro, Sparks and you already met Flameboy, the youngest of the group.”

Big C was as tall as Shaq and was very muscular. He had brown hair with bangs that hung over his ice blue eyes. His long face made him look older even though he was a teenager.

Rampage was the heaviest one in the group. Even though he was made of muscle instead of fat, he still looked like a giant ball of blubber. He was baldheaded, had a round face and brown eyes.

Gyro was a weird guy. He had long blue hair that covered his brown eyes and smiled, in a psychotic way.

Sparks was the quiet one. He had white spiky hair and a small face. His eye color was a mystery since he had very narrow eyes.

“The name’s Mark and this is Andrew,” replied Mark. “AKA Pansā”

“And Ōkami,” Andrew filled in.

They meta-morphed. With their claws ready, they waited for the Meta-Morphic Five to strike. To their surprise, the Meta-Morphic Five just stared at them.

“Haven’t you seen a panther and a wolf before?” asked Mark.

“We were expecting a challenge,” answered Big C. “You guys are weaklings compared to us.”

“Say what!” Andrew exclaimed.

“You wanna start something?” Mark asked raising his claws. “We can take you on.”

“I don’t think so,” replied Big C. “You wouldn’t last five minutes with us.”

“We’ll see,” Andrew said sounding confident.

“Sparks, I want you to fight these punks,” Big C ordered.

Sparks stepped forward. Instantly, he meta-morphed into a walking light stick. Electricity surged around him. He looked at Mark and Andrew and grinned evilly.

“Give up or face my wrath,” he said.

“We’ll wait for you outside,” replied Big C as he and the others left the gym.

“C’mon Mark, let’s show him what we can do,” Andrew said dashing towards Sparks.

Mark soon followed. Andrew threw the first punch. Sparks vanished. They couldn’t find him. Mark turned around and saw Sparks leaning against a wall.

“You’re doing it all wrong,” he said grinning, “Let me show you how it’s done!”

He opened his narrow eyes, revealing his colorless eyes. Instantly, Sparks was behind of Mark and Andrew. BAM! They both felt a hard blow to the back. Their bodies became weightless, gliding across the gym floor. They both somersaulted to regain balance and dashed forward.

Mark began the assault with several punches. Andrew came in with some kicks. To their surprise, Sparks blocked all their attacks. BAM! SMACK! Mark and Andrew skidded on the ground and crashed into a wall. They both got up slowly, gnashing their teeth. This time, Andrew led the attack. He tried slashing Sparks, but Andrew couldn’t touch him. Sparks’ movements were so fast it was like Andrew was fighting light. SMACK! Sparks kicked Andrew in his chin, making him fly into the air. With no time to react, Andrew felt a hard blow to his back. He came crashing down. The gym floor cracked and a cloud of debris rose to the air. The debris settled with Andrew face first in the floor.

“SHADOW FANG!!!” Mark shouted as the worm-like shadow rose into the air.

Sparks stretched out his hand and blocked the attack, splitting the shadow into five smaller shadows. The ceiling turned into Swiss cheese. With the same hand, Sparks fired a jolt of electricity at Mark. Mark cried in pain as his body began to feel numb. Soon, his body couldn’t take much more. Mark fell to his knees and de-transformed, falling face first onto the gym floor. Sparks laughed hysterically. His laughter woke Andrew. With blurry eyes, Andrew could make out Mark’s body. He clenched his fists tightly and gnashed his teeth. Anger overwhelmed him. He stood up, placing all his weight onto his left leg.

“You bastard!” Andrew shouted. “Try this on for size! STRIKING CLAW!!!”

Andrew jumped to the air with his glowing claw outstretched towards him. Sparks immediately reacted with a jolt of electricity. The jolt hit Andrew, but his glowing claw kept pressing on. It was like his body wanted him to go through

Sparks’ attack despite the pain he was in. All Andrew knew, he wanted to get Sparks for hurting Mark.

What! Sparks thought. How did he gain so much power? I can’t lose to a runt like him.

Sparks added more electricity to his attack. It pushed Andrew farther away from him. With Spark’s added power, Andrew’s body couldn’t keep up with this struggle. Andrew cried in pain as Sparks’ attack surged through his body. Andrew crashed into the ground hard cracking the gym floor. He slowly got up trying to keep his eyes focused on Sparks. Electricity discharged from his numb body and his body grew tired. Andrew de-transformed and collapsed to the ground face first.

Suddenly, Sparks heard a loud gasp. He looked towards his left.

“What do we have here?” Sparks asked himself as he noticed Rosa and Tracy watching from the girl’s locker room windows. “Big C will love them.”

He raised his hand and blasted the doors down. Rosa and Tracy shrieked in terror as he came towards them. Sparks looked at them evilly and knocked the girls out with a small jolt of electricity. He grabbed them by their waist and began hovering towards the exit. With the remaining strength Andrew had, he pleaded to Sparks.

“Don’t take them,” Andrew cried. “Let them go.”

“And ruin a chance for Big C to get his groove on,” replied Sparks. “I don’t think so.”

As Andrew tried to get up, he watched Sparks carry Tracy and Rosa away. Despite their efforts, Mark and Andrew couldn’t save the ones they love. Out of anger, Andrew slammed his fist into the ground.

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