Justice Roll



Justice Roll fights crime as the world's most popular sushi-based Superhero!

Justice Roll
By Christopher Michael Carter

Page 1
Full page – The outside of a sushi place. Signs and posters around. One has Justice Roll holding up sushi and smiling. Justice Roll is buff in a yellow and red spandex suit and cape. He’s got short black hair and a big picture of a sushi roll on his chest. One poster states “I’LL have the Justice Roll.”

Page 2
Panel 1: 2 pairs of hands holding menus. 
      Mom: What are you gonna get, honey?
      Dad: I just don’t know.
Panel 2: The son across the table noticing the front of his parents’ menus. 
Panel 3: The menus with Justice Roll on the front “Home of the Justice Roll”.
Panel 4: The kid getting excited.
      Kid: WOW! The Justice Roll eats here!?
      Dad: That’s right, buddy.

Page 3
Panel 1: Justice flying in the sky punching a dragon.
      Kid: The one we see on TV fighting monsters?
      Parents: That’s the one.
Panel 2: Justice fighting an old school looking crook (striped shirt, domino mask) with money bags in hand. 
      Kid: And the one who stops robbers?
      Parents: Same guy.

Page 4
Panel 1: Closer to us in view, a guy with a mustache and sunglasses smirking. In the background is the boy and his parents. 
      Kid: No way!
      Parents: Yep.
Panel 2: Closer pic of the smiling guy. 
      Kid: Awesome.
Panel 3: A waiter standing at the table.
      Waiter: What’ll it be, folks?
      Parents: Oh, hrm, not sure if I want the tuna roll or the…
Panel 4: Seen from the window two thugs picking on a hobo.
Panel 5: The kid looking out the window kinda bummed/frustrated.
      Kid: C’mon, where is he?

Page 5
Panel 1: The parents handing the menus to the waiter.
      Dad: That sound good to you, son?
Panel 2: The kid staring out the window still.
      Parents: Son?
Panel 3: Kid’s attention back on the parents.
      Kid: Oh, yeah. Sounds good.
Panel 4: The mom’s hand with her finger pointing down on the table. 
      Mom: You know that Justice Roll’s story started right here in this very restaurant.
Panel 5: The kid looking excited again. 
      Kid: Really? Is that why they have his pictures all over?
Panel 6: Overview of everyone in the shop (low to no detail).
      Mom: That’s right. He even eats here but he’s always in disguise and nobody ever notices.

Page 6
Panel 1: Close up of a blazing asteroid. 
      Mom: Legend has it there was a comet hurling towards Earth…
Panel 2: Earth on the left and the comet on the right. 
      Mom: As it was getting closer to our planet it was getting smaller and smaller…
Panel 3: The comet blazing with pieces breaking off and burning off. 
      Mom: What was once the size of asteroid that would kill us quickly burned down to the size of a…
Panel 4: Someone playing golf as the comet’s seen above.
      Mom: …Golfball.
      Golfer: Anybody else see that!?

Page 7
Panel 1: The tiny comet soaring through the sky.
Panel 2: It lands in the ocean.
      SFX: BLOOP
Panel 3: A fish swimming around.
Panel 4: The same fish gets clocked in the head with the meteor.
Panel 5: The fish is now glowing, his eyes have changed and he’s slightly muscular.
Panel 6: A fisherman’s net catching him. He looks shocked.
Panel 7: A couple of guys on a boat pulling in net after net full of fish.
      Fisherman: Eh, not a bad amount for today.

Page 8
Panel 1: The pile of fish on the boat and something glowing inside. 
Panel 2: An Asian man standing with a clipboard in hand while guys unload a shipment of fish from a truck.
      Delivery guy: Here’s your order, Mr. Yin.
      Mr. Yin: Ah, looks good guys.
Panel 3: Fish on a cutting board, we also see hands and a knife. 
Panel 4: From the cutting board view looking up at the two chefs with knives chopping. One’s looking at the other while cutting.
      Chef 1, turned: …Yeah, so that’s when I told her…
      Chef 2: Hey, watch what you’re doing!
Panel 5: The glowing fish on the board.
      Chef 2: Hey, man, your fish is glowing!
      Chef 1: Glowing? You’re smokin’ somethin’.

Page 9
Panel 1: Hands rolling sushi, with that fish.
      Chef: Oh, well.
Panel 2: A group of young guys hanging out talking.
      Mom: And there he was with a group of friends to have that fateful lunch.
Panel 3: A younger pre-Justice Roll drinking his soda; not muscular, a normal guy.
      Mom: Some believe it was meant to be.
Panel 4: The waiter bringing out sushi to the table. 
      Waiter: Alright, boys, here ya go.
      Guys: Awesome. I’m starving.
      Young guy (our soon-to-be hero): Man, that looks good.
Panel 5: A hand grabbing a glowing roll.
      Young guy : Hrm. This one must be new.
Panel 6: The guy eating the sushi.

Page 10
Panel 1: His eyes bugged.
Panel 2: Him coughing hard.
      Friend: Dude, you alright?
Panel 3: His body tensing up, his head turned up with his mouth open with bright light coming from it.
      Friend: Good God!
Panel 4: He falls over – behind the table, out of sight.  
      Friend: Hey, can we get some help over here!?

Page 11
Panel 1: His glowing eyes.
Panel 2: His friends shielding themselves from the bright light. 
Panel 3: Justice Roll emerging from beneath the table in full costume and big muscles.
Panel 4: His friends looking shocked.
      Friend 1: Whoa.
      Friend 2: …Yeah.

Page 12
Panel 1: Full page shot of Justice flying just above the floor.
      Justice Roll: Hi, guys.

Page 13
Panel 1: The mom and dad sitting next to each other in the booth. The dad’s reading the paper. 
      Mom: And, of course, the rest is history.
      Dad: History.
Panel 2: The kid in awe of this story. 
      Mom: Ever since then people have poured in here looking for the sushi that was gonna make them strong and powerful.
Panel 3: The mom and kid in profile across from each other. 
      Kid: You think I might get one?
      Mom: Y’know… You just might.
Panel 4: The two thugs from earlier. One’s spray painting on a wall while the other’s breaking a random window.
Panel 5: The kid sees them out the window. 
      Kid: How… How does he know when to get the bad guys?
      Mom: I guess he just knows.

Page 14
Panel 1: Random customers looking to the left of page.
      TV: We have breaking news coming to us now…
Panel 2: The boy and his parents looking over as well. 
      TV: …Warning, all citizens to be aware and on the lookout.
Panel 3: The TV showing the two thugs the kid’s been seeing out the window. 
      TV: …After the dangerous duo known as the Party Crashers have escaped from prison.
Panel 4: The kid, wide-eyed, pointing out the window.
      Kid: Uh…
      TV: These men are indeed dangerous so please-
Panel 5: The TV with a knife in the screen.

Page 15
Panel 1: People in the restaurant looking shocked.
      Rexo: Time to crash your party!
Panel 2: The two thugs entering the door; The Party Crashers, Thonk & Rexo.
      Thonk: Where’s Justice?
Panel 3: An incognito hero smirking, the man with the mustache and sunglasses.
Panel 4:  Rexo holding up a larger knife.
      Rexo: I’m gonna count to three!
Panel 5:  Thonk grabbing a woman by her pony tail.
      Thonk: One!
      Woman: AH!

Page 16
Panel 1:  Rexo holding his knife as it’s twinkling. 
      Rexo: Two…
Panel 2: The little boy looking up bright eyed and smiling.
Panel 3: Justice Roll floating.
      Justice Roll: Right here boys!
Panel 4: His hands grabbing both guys by their shirts.
      Justice Roll: Y’know these nice people are trying to enjoy themselves.
Panel 5: From outside – the two guys being hurled out.
      Party Crashers: AHH!
      Justice Roll: So let’s take this outside.

Page 17
Panel 1: Justice in the doorway.
      Justice Roll: It’s alright, folks, enjoy your meal.
Panel 2: The kid smiling.
Panel 3: Justice smiling and giving the thumbs up.
Panel 4: The two guys, one with a knife, the other with a chain. 
Panel 5:  Rexo stabs at him while the knife breaks.
Panel 6: Justice karate chops him.
      Rexo: UGH!

Page 18 
Panel 1: Thonk swings his chain at Justice Roll but he’s punching through the chain busting all the links.
Panel 2: Justice holding both of them by chopsticks by the back of their shirts.
      Justice Roll: Guys, how often do we have to do this?
Panel 3: The two guys flying into the dumpster.

Page 19
Panel 1: The kid tugging on Justice’s cape.
      Kid: Mr. Justice Roll?
Panel 2: From his view – the boy, looking up at him. 
      Kid: Good job.
Panel 3: Justice smiling.
      Justice Roll: Thanks, kid.
Panel 4: Justice Roll kneeling down to talk to the kid.
      Justice Roll: You know, you were really brave in there.
      Kid: Yeah?
      Justice: Yeah.
Panel 5: Justice’s hand putting the chopsticks in the kid’s hands. 
Panel 6: The kid starry-eyed looking at them.

Page 20
Panel 1: Outside the front of the sushi place. The little boy standing there looking up.
Panel 2: Justice Roll flying through the sky.
      Caption: The end. 
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