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Contents for the Earth 11 fanfiction Strength and Grace detailing how Clark Kent/Laurel Jor-El becomes Superwoman and K'hym J'onzz becomes the Martian Manhunter in that universe :)

       In the DC multiverse there is an interesting universe where heroes genders are switched.  In this universe you have Superwoman, Batwoman and Wonderman (not sure if they could use the name or not) as the trinity of the universe.  The only problem i had with the Earth-11 stories was that they felt lazy, that they were the earth prime stories just gender flipped meaning they roughly did the same exact things as the prime universe which was strange.  there was one deviation i know of where it's Booster gold of Earth-11 that dies instead of Blue Beatle, but it seemed lazy.  It seemed to me that the characters wouldn't be the same nor would they see the universe the same way, why have an alternate universe if the only changes you make are their uniforms are different or in this case they are male instead of female and female instead of male.  With this in mind i thought about writing for practice a story where they did view the world differently and were treated as unique characters in their own right and not just copies.


     Strength and Grace goes a bit further, in this universe it's the Martian Manhunter's daughter that arrives on earth and will eventually become the Martian Manhunter.  she's younger than J'onn J'onzz when he appeared in the comics.  Also she's injured in a way by her uncles curse which in the comics killed both her and her mother.  In this universe J'onn is able to extract the mental energy of the curse and absorb it into himself sacrificing himself to save his daughter, which still leaves her injured but alive.  Her first connection to the scientist who brought them across time and space from mars is what fills in the blanks that were damaged by the curse meaning she starts out unaware she is even martian but she becomes more and more aware of it.  This is in comparison to Laurel (Clara Kent) and how she arrived on earth after the description of her people's world, at first she too is unaware of her origins until later.  The two girls have very different approaches to the world and this is seen in the title.   Strength and Grace is supposed to point to how the two adjust to who they actually are and how they find their way in the world.  I hope you all enjoy it.

Prologue https://scriggler.com/DetailPost/Story/44407

Chapter 1 https://scriggler.com/DetailPost/Story/45581


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