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        Online had slowed to the pace of a turtle on its back, with 3 broken legs. The things I once emjoyed no longer existed. The world was headed towards a fully automated system where all we had to do was flip o...

        Online had slowed to the pace of a turtle on its back, with 3 broken legs. The things I once emjoyed no longer existed. The world was headed towards a fully automated system where all we had to do was flip on the power. Lights, camera, action.... Set back and watch the day go by.

         I was doing my daily email when I got some posts from a certain young lady looking to be a star. I was like.... Hmmmm! These are not just your every day comments pre-packaged and polite from an automated world running on auto pilot. I thought to myself. She's only 14. I remember when I was only 14. Was not the kind of comments I would make as a 14 year old. It made me think. Got me to listen.

       As the year rolled slowly by, I was like Ok..... We comment way to much back and forth for this to just be a simple thing. At the time my popularity level was high on You Tube. Was not many who did not know who  I was. My next thought was ok.... She has been watching all the people I have been commenting with, assumes like we are best friends, maybe I can get her in touch with some of them.

       I have talked with many for more than a year on daily basis. Usually just once a day.  One night her mom sent me an email. She was like Ken. It's ok. We got signed. We are going to close all the social sites down except You Tube. I didn't think any more about it till recently. Another female came in to my life looking for something.

      I looked at her photo and went like de ja vue. She reminds me of some one else. At first it puzzled me. As I was about to close the computer down, I saw an old email. I looked at the number and her photo. I was like whoaaaa.... They could be twin sisters. The many hours came rolling back to me. A story had completed itself from beginning to end. Next chapter would begin soon.

     I remembered how the mom tested me in 5 video's to see if I would notice. I think it was because I observed something in one of the video's she shot and she missed the part of what the two boys where doing right in front of her as she held the camera. I was like boys will be boys. They meant no harm. They just wanted to see how smart momma was.

    I remember one video they did where I said you realize you took a serious song and turned it in to a dance song. I could dance to that. She was like I would like to see that. So I made the video not thinking. Why would she want a see me dance to that video. Thats when I realized I missed something. I didn't see it coming as we spent day after day sometimes all day long commenting back and forth. I missed the part about the private emails and every time she wanted to make changes. It was like let me ask Ken first. She did some amazing work over the course of 2 1/2 years. I just don't think I still fully understand why we connected like we did. That still puzzles me.

    I did one video. Posted it. Wasn't even 5 minutes later.... She was like Ken!!!!! You need to finish that piece of music. I was like I been working on it quite some time. That the piece she was listening to was an evolution of years of work playing it and listening to it. Making changes here and there. As I looked at the photo of her and the new female I just met online. I was like hmmmm! It's trying to tell me something, but what?

     I remember the first one got as far as 50 miles away. Her daughter had done an online radio show not far from where I lived. Female #2 lives in the vicinity of where that show was done. As I stared at the two different woman with the same hair color and haircut. Same facial features. It made me stop and ponder all the moments before, now a memory. Question was and still is as I added the new female to a private list I keep highly hidden in a world of crowded internet social sites. She has to hold the answers as to what really happend. Doesn't she?

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