God Bless The Humble



Love, light and words fall off me in no particular order...

"If you hold a banquet, don't invite the rich, for they will pay back favor and you will feel good. Instead, invite the poor, for they can't pay you back and so, how will you feel about that..?"

In a world where celebrity, material riches, achievement, eternal beauty and youth are revered and glorified, the ordinary and humble become not cool, worthless, redundant, invisible to the egoic mind.

So, normal looking office girl now feels all weird, lonely and uncomfortable in her universe of freckles, rubbing thighs and massive cankles. Her life seems nothing compared to others'; not successful, exciting or good enough.

Stay-at-home mama, who lovingly and tirelessly takes care of three children, a dog, a cat, a husband and a mad neighbor, feels ugly, worthless and depressed, like her life is a pile of smelly un-important crap.

Granny walks her sun spotted wrinkled face, 40s wool coat and wartime shopping cart along crowded street full of humans who don't care for her or her shaking hands.

Battered old sea dog sits on bay bench feeding gulls stale bread, remembering the seven young lives the saved, mumbling to himself incredible stories no one has time for.

Destitute young redhead who goes by Blythe attends college by day, sleeps on cold cardboard at night, no morsel in days and he still says "hi".

But nobody cares for the humble no more, for they can only pay you back in in auld tales, truth and love, and how will you feel about that...?


The Peruvian Sage

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