Journals of a Psychopath.



Clarkson Samuel, his mother is also brutal and cruel.


The memory of mother not pleasant and she had forced me to wait for hours desperate to pee.
“Please let me use the toilet?”
“If you shit and piss correction is yours.”
Sitting in the urine and feces, I waited for the tyrant to exact her revenge, and mother stomped into the room.
“My law will be obeyed,” she said.
Rushing to me, her black-veil swished, and I recoiled so far back, the chair tumbled onto the floor. Mother was astride me in a moment and she glared into my sight-orbs.
“You will pay for your sin.”
Removing a knife from her pocket, mother’s skirt blew in the draught, the flowers printed on the fabric twirled.
Darlenson (Mother) fondled my boy-tool and it responded. Raping and stabbing the knife into my flesh alongside the rhythm of her body, I was terrified.
“If you utter a word I will murder you.”
Darning the skin mother smirked, as she twisted the needle.
"Yelp and the blade will be utilized again and do not tell anyone in relation to this.”
“Can I come in mother?” Hanson asked.
Mother uplifted the corners of her mouth.
“Yeah you can.”
He grinned at the sight, mother was sitting on my legs, my arms were tethered to the iron-rail, and mother tugged the last thread through the skin, she laughed.

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