Vesnna and Vitu



The law of gravity which is discovered by Issac Newton explains that everything that has weight will fall into the Earth. It doesn’t matter you are a boy or a girl; you will fall down if you jump from a building. Even a gay like you will fall, and you may, of course, die if you jump from a plane.

Vesnna is a man of a million questions and Vitu is a man of a million answers. Vesnna is a very close friend to Vitu, but they think of one another as an enemy rather than a friend. Why? Because they will compete again one another until they find the winner or in other word a loser. Once in a while they talk about girl and sometime they talk about boy and they also find gay as an interesting topic as well. In Vesnna world of thought, there are always strange things appear in his brain. Like for example last year, Vesnna wanted Vitu to answer him whether female or male who walked on the surface of the Earth first.

To Vitu idea, he thought that according to the bible man walked on the surface of the Earth first because God created man first and woman later. But if you look at the nature of most living being, female is the one who creates everything. Without female there would be no male then if you think of this case we could have believed that female would have walked on the surface of the Earth first.

Vitu always kept the best option for last. He said that in the world of science all living being were first came to live in the water but not on the mainland. So it doesn’t matter if the first human being is male or female it won’t have walk on the surface of the Earth but it (our ancestor) would have swum in the water. And so Vesnna would walk away to his bedroom and think for another question when the next day came.

Just like other day Vesnna always came with a list of questions in his hand. Vitu looked at Vesnna but didn’t say a word because he knew that if he starts the conversation Vesnna is going to interrogate him immediately. So Vitu walked passed him to fetch a glass of water. Vesnna followed after and asked Vitu even his buddy didn’t bother to look at his face.

Vesnna: Why there is law?

Vitu: Because you can not act against the law.

Vesnna: If I want to act against the law?

Vitu: You can’t.

Vesnna: Why can’t I?

Vitu: before I answer your question you first must know that there are many type of law in this universe.

Vesnna: Is that an answer.

Vitu: No, it is not. But if you understand each type of law in our universe then you will understand.

Vesnna: How many types of laws in our universe then?

Vitu: As far as I know, there are two. The law of nature and the law creates buy human.

Vesnna: So?

Vitu: So you must follow these laws or else you will got punish.

Vesnna: Why?

Vitu: There is no why. It is made this way. You have to accept and live with it.

Vesnna: You didn’t answer my question. Why?

Vitu: Example, The law of gravity which is discovered by Issac Newton explains that everything that has weight will fall into the Earth. It doesn’t matter you are a boy or a girl; you will fall down if you jump from a building. Even a gay like you will fall, and you may, of course, die if you jump from a plane. Thus if you don’t follow this law you will got punish in return.

Vessna: First, I am not gay. Second, I am not stupid to jump from a plane. Now I follow this law of gravity. What next?

Vitu: Next what?

Vesnna: Next law…you know?

Vitu: The law made by human. Anything you find in the court, school, hospital, other institutes are the law made by human. Read them and you will understand.

Vesnna: Why people create this stuff anyway?

Vitu: It is a good question. The law made by human is the law made to control bad people not good people. You see, if you act against human law you will get punish or sometimes you end up in prison. And lots of people think that, a person who went into a prison is a bad person. That is how it is. But the reality is not the same.

Vessna: Good people go into prison as well, right?

Vitu: Hmmm, I haven’t thought of this point yet. But what I want to say is that human laws are not base on fact. There are base on the interest of the group who made those laws.

Vesnna: I see. That’s why it is not wrong to kill and eat animal or else people will starve to die.

Vitu: But you can’t go into the president’s house to kill and eat his dog. It is counted as a crime.

Vesnna: That is so human law.

Vitu: I told you so.

Vesnna: Any others interesting law out there?

Vitu: Actually this is one more. I think this law is neither human nor nature law. It is somewhere between the two. It is the law of attraction.

Vesnna: Why? Is the law attractive?

Vitu: I am not sure myself too. But from what I heard, this law does not always work the way it should be.

Vesnna: like what?

Vitu: the law of attraction said that you will attract to whatever you think of or to whatever you want.

Vesnna: I want a moon. Will I attract to the moon?

Vitu: You will only attract and get whatever that possible to get even it is difficult to get. Not something that is impossible.

Vesnna: I want a million dollars.

Vitu: This one might work but only you mention the time at which point you want to get a million dollars and what do you do to get that.

Vesnna: This law is like no law.

Vitu: Oh, I have a good example for you. I don’t want to be fat. I hate being fat. I didn’t like fat people. It doesn’t matter you want or not want. If you think of the word fat you will get fat. This is also call the law of attraction.

Vesnna: So the more I think about something even I want or don’t want it. At the end I will get that thing, it that right?

Vitu: It seems go that way. And if you think of getting a new car and you commit to it, one day you will get that car. This law of attraction is good for a positive thinking.

Venssa: So if everyday I think about Nissa I will get her one day right?

Vitu: You will get my feet on your face.

Vesnna: Why?

Vitu: Because she is my girlfriend. Anymore question?


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