First Year. Victoria Road



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Saturday 8 September

Female, age 18,Harrogate, North Yorkshire, height 5ft5, hair colour brown, eye colour sky blue, best friends 12 can’t wait to see them all tonight.

15:00pm. Home: Why have I chosen to make a life changing decision to fly the nest and head off on a new adventure, how stupid, who does that? I’m not prepared to experience new things with people I am forced to be friends with, god knows it has taken me 7 years to keep the ones I already have.

I am sat on my bedroom floor, I can’t help but taking in my surroundings, the whole of my room is so white and so clean. There are boxes everywhere, it feels so cluttered yet so bare, it’s weird. I have no idea what to expect of my new room, but I doubt it will look like this, I doubt I will have a double bed. 

I can’t shake the thought that tonight is going to be my final night with my best friends in the whole entire world, we have all spent the last 7 years together, never mind being inseparable for the past 3 months over summer, it is going to be difficult.

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