I'm a Cross Stitch Addict



I love cross stitchin and am sharing my current work in progress.

Cross Stitching



This is my work in progress and it is starting to look like a car.

I chose the colours myself and didn't make the best choices. The darker green is actually two different shades. I can see it during the days if I stitch, but harder to spot at night using a bright lamp.

I've also gone wrong in more than one place, but what the heck, it makes my work more individual, doesn't it? No one can tell except me and it should look fine when completed.

It's going to be a 'square' for lovequiltsuk.com and will have two cars on it when completed. I might add something else yet, a border maybe. Depends on what space is left.

I love cross stitching. It's very therapeutic for me. Some stitching I enjoy more than others. Some I find a real pain to do and then find when completed, it's one of my best works.

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There's more where that came from!