Genevieve's Letter



Flash Fiction

It was the right time to tell her. I felt comforted by the rhythmic sounds of the waves crashing on the shore. The fresh air kept my mind clear. “Genevieve, Dr. Cantin said the cancer was found too late, I only have about two months.” I hugged her before she could say a word, hoping to somehow absorb the pain and shock for her, but I just couldn’t shield her from this one. “We had twenty wonderful years together my dear child,” I whispered. “I love you Mom,” Genevieve cried, as she hugged me tightly.

We sat on the beach for awhile. The sun was setting, and the sky was a brilliant orange.  I dug my hands in the sand, savouring the sensation between my fingers. “Let’s spend as much time together as possible Mom,” said Genevieve. “Yes, sweetheart, I’ve decided to stay at a friend’s cabin not too far from here, I am not going to spend my last few weeks in a hospital.”

Seven weeks passed by in a heartbeat, I felt myself detaching from things that used to seem so important. I would sometimes cringe at how much time I wasted stressing about insignificant things during my lifetime. All those hours, days and weeks I spent worrying about what people thought of me, my appearance, how clean my house was. It all just seemed so meaningless now.

I was weak and tired, but more at peace than I had ever been. “Jane, you’re looking thin, can’t I get you anything?,” said Kevin. Kevin was an old friend, we enjoyed a simple companionship. “A tea would be wonderful, thank you love. It will give me enough energy for one more important task. I am going to write a goodbye letter to Genevieve. Would you give it to her for me?,” I asked. “Of course, anything you need Jane,” said Kevin.

Kevin came back with a pen and paper, gave me a warm kiss on the cheek, and left. I knew this letter might be my last communication with Genevieve, I poured my soul.

“Dear Genevieve,

I feel I am leaving you too early, but I know you’re a strong woman. I’ve made many mistakes in my life, sometimes I know I hurt you. I am sorry. I want to share the wisdom I gained from my mistakes, precious wisdom to take with you on your journey. The first thing I want to say is remember that the journey does end one day, and to stay focused throughout your lifetime on the things that truly matter to you.

Follow your passion, it is indeed your purpose, it will yield an unlimited source of inspiration.

You will make many mistakes along the way, remember that mistakes are experience, take the lesson, and keep moving forward.

Love yourself the way I love you, unconditionally.

Surround yourself with people who lift you up, and avoid the ones who constantly bring you down. Remember most conflicts in relationships are due to projection, so look inward for peace and resolutions. We are always fifty percent responsible for the outcome of any relationship.

Never lose yourself in a relationship, find a man who is kind, committed, and treats you like his queen.

Always remember to taste your words before you say them.

Meditate everyday to stay grounded, and focused on your higher purpose.

Stay true to yourself.

Follow your heart, always.

I will be with you in spirit. We will meet again one day. All my love, Mom.”

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