'My heart used to be the hottest summer day imaginable, but that, that was when I was with you.'



It has been such a long time hasn't it?




I'm sighing to myself, as I take another sip of alcohol, another sip of poison that will somehow bring me closer to you, in the most fucked up and twisted way imaginable.



You never liked me drinking, did you?



I do it everyday now.



As I write this, to you, I can feel the tears forming in my eyes, in the most breathtaking way ever, if that is even possible in the slightest.



Everything seems to make more sense when the world appears slightly more hazy…



You know, them cold winter mornings, when you leave the house and the world is encased in the slightest hint of fog, your vision slightly blurred?


It just feels so much more real, and I don’t quite understand why...


Maybe because I relate to them cold mornings so well.


Maybe, because without even realizing, my heart is that cold winter morning…


It never used to be that way though, please I am begging, let me tell you now, my heart used to be the hottest summer day imaginable. But that, that, was when I was with you.



Come back to me...





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