Journals of a Pshcopath. By Alex Lawson






                                                                             The First Sacrifice

Kneeling beside the altar of my perversion the insanity was absolute. Between my fingers an ear, I rubbed the hearing-organ with my other hand. Faultless the diamonds in the earring sparkled and thrilled my senses. Caressing the gems, the reflection from the fire heartened. Steeped with blood my robe clung to my body, excited sexual arousal reached a crescendo and semen-ejection the reward. (The significance associated to the sacrifice the purification of my soul.) Singing in tune with the squall and the edge of my cloak billowed with the wind. Surveying me, her viewing-orbs (Eyes) seemed glazed in death and dull. Absorbed by the blood and her tresses looked stringy. Swaying the Trees browsed the robe and the pure white silk hood that concealed my silver-blond hair. Dancing about the body waving my arms from east to west my form rocked in cadence with the Trees. Flames from the firestorm leapt and emphasized the night-butterfly fluttering above the ear.

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