I dedicate this story to all those people who will have a sad Christmas like me due to human losses, material losses, ingratitude, forgetfulness, or other reason, however, make it different, come with me. This is Christmas story.


To all those people like me that will have a sad Christmas due to human losses, material losses, ingratitude, forgetfulness, I ask you to be brave or do like me, make it a common day, that it is supposed to be, because in the end this was a pagan celebration borrowed by the Christians. Well, If you think Christ was born on December 25th I cannot assure, I was not there, I was not born yet, so do it like me, lock yourself in the bedroom, in the living room, play a good music loud and remember: don’t cook, because everybody regrets on 25th. This is the day that the world commits the sin of the GLUTTONY. Among the seven ones, there are better sins. Listen to a big truth: God is with you during all days of your life and He will send his angels to consulate you. Keep in mind that there is no evil that lasts forever and neither a never-ending good. It is just one day. You will have more 364 to turn the table. Make profit of 31st to thank for you close 2016 while many people have not achieved, you are alive. You should think “what an annoying woman” to tell me how I should act, but I do not want you feel the only person to suffer while in the world there are more people like us. If the tears fall hardly off your face, do not dry them, even less try to hold them up because they are washing out your heart and your soul. The pain or hate which you are feeling get weak with time, only the hurt is everlasting or while we are in this world. Remember one thing that makes you good, about a fact that makes you happy, so it will make you a good feeling.

Me, in my opinion, I want make it clear, in my opinion, I think Christmas, the symbol of Santa Claus the most inhuman figure for those who are not lucky of having a good financial situation. Think about a child that lives on the streets or a child whose father is unemployed, when the other kids, living in good conditions, start showing their new toys, how suffering it is going to be to this poor child. I know that I stopped believing on him, because I always wanted a bike that never came and for my brother it was there, leant on his bed. The truth popped up before my eyes and the hurt in my heart. What did I do to do not deserve the bicycle? I was not mean! Who follows my blog knows that I am a survivor from the Revolution of 64. My mom was used to paint, make some crafts and I went out to sell them along with my Aunt Olivia, besides I sell them at the high school. In the week that precedes the New Year, I went with my aunt to Caxias in order to sell some t-shirts for my mom, so someone asked me why I was so sad and I said that I had no idea why Santa Claus forgot one more time my bicycle. I was wondering if he had really received my letter or If he switched me by another child by mistake? Then one young lady called me at the corner, her name was Leondina, and told me the truth, so I lost my ground, my mother had my brother as favourite and me, the one who helped her that much, was not her favourite or she didn’t like a girl like child, maybe it is, isn’t it? So Leondina told me this way:

- Katia, do not be sad. The human being in its biggest part has a bad essence. See how they treat the animals and their neighbours. Christmas is a big mean lie, because it diminishes, it segregates and it revolts those who cannot celebrate it.

I replied:

- No, it is not mean.

And her:

- No? Let’s see: your neighbour doesn’t talk to you the whole year and in the Christmas he or she wishes you a Merry Christmas and after you are forgotten during the round year again. Do you want another example?

And I said her:

- I want it.


- The mother says to Little John: “You cannot lie lad! It is ugly and God punishes who lies!” Right after the mother comes back and asks: “What are you going to ask to Santa Claus, my son? Do not forget to send the little letter, otherwise he will not come”. Do you want a lie bigger than this one?

Coming back to the current days I am going to pretend that he exists and ask him the truth in first place, no inequality, where the people remind of the 10 commandments and make to others what they would do for themselves and this Christmas spirit would last the whole year, not this day of gluttonousness and many times of ostentation, that the poor had eaten all the year long, with worthy health. I do not wish that there is no corruption because it will always exist, it is addicting and desiring that it gets extinguished is an utopia or a miracle and I am very grounded. I believe in miracles, but not this one, because it depends of the human being, not from God. My friend, I wish we have an awesome day 25th,26th, 27th… an awesome 2017!!!


Amen, kisses from the friend Katia Paes.


Posted by Kátia Paes at 2:52 PM on December 23rd, 2016 @

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