Aswang: The Blood Clan



a continuation story of Aswang.

Aling Rowena fell asleep upon being hit by Loreta. She's no longer the 'strongest one" she used to be. Unlike Loreta whose way faster and way stronger for eating human flesh and drinking blood. 

Long ago, when Rowena and Loreta were still young, their Blood Mother Melia would always lecture them on how to kill their preys. Then, Rowena, always the one who makes the "good kill" and never Loreta. For this assessments, Loreta was just a "fly-by" in the clan. This made her envious of Rowena.  So, Loreta went to their Great Blood Mother and asked for advise. They sat by a tub filled with fresh blood dripping off from a freshly killed farmer's son. Loreta stated her weakness and so their Great Blood Mother called for their Blood Father the night after. Upon this sight, Loreta hummed happily outside the carcass rack and went back to their house.

"You seemed happy today Loreta." said their Blood Mother Melia.

"Yes, Blood Mother." Loreta smiled. "Oh, Rowena, Blood Father said to me that it's your turn to join him for hunting tomorrow. You will come, right?" "Of course!" Rowena naively responded. Not knowing any circumstances of what will happen.


The next day, their Blood Father took Rowena with him to the Mountains to hunt for wild boar. So, Rowena thought -but she's wrong. Their Blood Father Fernando is not their real blood father. At least not for Rowena~ Fernando is the second strongest Blood Father of their clan. Rowena's father died after being attacked by Fernando at a duel for strong bloods. Loreta and Rowena's Blood Mother is the same but Rowena was an accidental blood-born. 

In the Blood Clan, in-order to have a blood-born, one must fight the strongest Blood Father, but if a Blood Mother had an accidental blood-born and is not of the same Blood Father, the Blood Clan is to advise for duel. In every duel, one must die or the Great Blood Father will kill both Blood Mother and first blood-born with the accidental yet-to-be blood-born. So they fought the entire night till one dies. Rowena's Blood Father died that tragic night and it was Loreta's Blood Father Fernando who won their Blood Mother's second born. With this, Rowena, yet-to -be blood-born was in set to be given to Loreta's Blood Father Fernando as "trophy blood-born".Nevertheless, Loreta's Blood Mother could not do anything but hold her womb for comfort.

Upon Rowena's birth, Fernando took his wrist cut open and let Rowena drink his blood. Making her strong as Fernando. Loreta grew up well, pretty and luxurious. Rowena, too, grew up beautifully. She's strong and intelligent. Growing up, Loreta's anger and jealousy also grew for Rowena. The attention she gets are far more than that of Loreta who somehow manage to swoon a few.

At an age of 21, Rowena was so youthful and very beautiful. With their Blood Father's invitation, she did not refuse. Knowing the invitation is  

"Aling Rowena! Magising na po kayo!" (Aling Rowena! Wake up!)



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