A scary story that get's a little philosophical

The spirit wandered all around the world, and only in a sorry looking Eastern European town did it found what it looked for. It was a body; he needed to find a weak body that would give him enough energy to form himself into a physical being. In this little town, he found just what he needed, a human granny bound by problems, very sad and weak. She was returning from her job as a janitor lady at a school; a cheap purse in her hand and cheap clothes, made her look even worse. The spirit approached her from above, and entered, which was as easy as breathing, her body was indeed weak, and it took him zero effort to take it from the lady. Dropping the purse to the ground her body just stood there fixed in one position. This was merely him reforming himself inside, he acted like a parasite that enters the body of its victim and feasts upon their energy, he took every last bit of it, and the lady was dead, but inside her, he was growing like a monstrous fetus. Forming himself he had to remove her from his new body, and thus her body of which only the skin remained was torn by him to pieces, and what emerged, was a humanoid body. Only it had bigger eye sockets through which a yellow light emerged, and the color of his body was a dark tone of blue. He took one small step, and looked down and the remaining torn skin, and then he directed his sight towards the sky, taking a breath in, he was in a physical form. One step at a time he learned that moving took effort, but adapted to it. Then he heard a scream filled with terror, it was coming from a lady which observed this being, and as she never before seen blue people she got scared. That filled him with curiosity, and he started approaching the lady which was paralyzed by fear. His eyes observed every inch of her body, and the expression on her face, once he understood it; he knew that she would easily give him more energy. Still unable to move the lady received a deadly blow right between the eyebrows; her body fell with a dull sound. Now he had to open his mouth for the first time, which he mastered in no time, his teeth were sharp, and tore her body to bits which allowed him to consume her. Power was going throughout his body, filling every cell with energy, he felt his muscles tense and relax, he had more control over his body, and his brain was reacting faster to its surroundings. His analyzers learned orientation in space, he was now hearing sound coming from farther away, and his nose started learning specific smells and their sources. The rate of his evolution was astounding; it was certainly faster than the process of evolution that happens in our bodies. Seeing how much better he felt after consuming her he decided that he should eat more people in order to get more powerful, still all these thoughts were more like the calling of the instincts, he was still far from forming ideas but if he were to continue eating he would reach that soon enough. Looking around he saw some old people farther away playing domino, they seemed to be pray, weak enough for him, and he discovered that he could run to them instead of walking. Running awkwardly he reached them in 5 minutes and turned them all into minced meat that went into making him a greater being. After this meal he felt more confident into his bodily functions, and started running around the area, his speed increased steadily, and all of his body felt sturdier and listened better to him, also he felt like he could do more. Thus, he started to attack anyone on the street, men, women, kids, to him it made no difference, there was no racial or age distinction in his goal of eating everything that he met in his way. Of course, some of them were not shocked as his previous victims and he received some hard blows with large metal objects, thus, he learned pain but he decided that best he could do about it was to ignore it. The street he was on became emptier by the time he ate most of his pray, he was able to form some thoughts now, and he understood why they were gone, fear has driven them away, and he only had to find them to feast again. Looking left and right he decided to go right, he ran there with a speed of a leopard. Around him now was a general store and a bar, both empty, instead of customers he only found products that were still on their shelves, it was something eerie in the emptiness of this usually frequently visited places. To him it just meant that he has to go on, and look for others, he ran right in the middle of the empty road, all the cars were gone and all the houses that were by  the road were hollow. He did not know but whilst he preoccupied himself with eating, people got evacuated via busses and all the transport in the area. Even the gas stations were empty, only dogs that barked at him, in their rush people forgot to take the animals with them. Schools empty, hospitals empty, the entire town seemed to be abandoned by its people. He took a turn and was approaching the center of the town from where he heard buzzing sounds of a machine working. When he reached the center he discovered that it was a big square filled with green metal machines, that seemed different from the vehicles he saw before, they even had some sort of circular bars coming from them. They were tanks, he never seen them before and thus did not know that the army of the country decided to act forcefully against the danger that he posed. His bright yellow eyes looked curiously and the tube of the tank, which released the shell right in his face. At first, he felt his face getting warm and then felt that it was invaded by hot pieces of metal that filled him with an explosion of pain, and then everything felt as if they spilled lava on him. He felt his body turn to pieces, and everything blown to bits. For the first time he felt the fear of losing his life, a raging hatred for death went ablaze in him, he clung to life with determination. Signals of pain filled him with happiness as they meant that he is still here, that they did not take him out. From the distance, he seemed like a flaming cadaver, covered with a thick layer of black smoke. Around tension was in the air as everyone waited patiently to see if the rocket destroyed the monster. To him everything was darkness, only through other senses than sight did he realize that he was alive, he could move his fingers, he could sense that he was splattered all over the asphalt of the empty road, he felt how warm the road was from the rays of the sun. His body was remaking itself, cell by cell, muscles by muscles, tissue by tissue, nerve by nerve, soon his nose reformed and he could once again smell everything around, but mostly the smoke that had a thick density about it and invaded him and irritated his nostrils. Then his eyes were back, his spinal cord felt whole again, his muscles and bones were back, and from the black smoke, he emerged unhurt, and enraged. With blind fury he attacked everything, transforming the entire square in a bloody mess. After this his brain finally reached the level of a human, and his thoughts were complex now, he could speak, and by looking into a dictionary and at ads he learned the language of the country. Goals started forming, thoughts by these lines: “I should look for cities that are populated by more people, there I shall get enough material and become even stronger, but I should not eat them all, I should leave some of them alive, and use them as a farm, and that I can achieve by killing many in my front of my potential farms, with fear in their hearts they will do everything I want them to”. He was learning greed and logic, and after not finding other people around, in the town and in the neighboring villages he learned how unpleasant hunger is. He traversed the country south to north then west to east, in his way he encountered many more attacks, he was hurt , he was exploded, shot at, beat with different objects, with fists, with kicks, but nothing worked, he got smarter and smarter. In libraries he would stop and read, in language centers he would learn more and more languages, and then would read some more. He gathered knowledge with great pleasure, he loved the sensation he got when he realized how the things in the world work. Physics surprised him, and told him the rules that govern nature, he learned of gravity, nuclear forces, ray’s , induction, electric systems, thermodynamics. Math helped him realized the relations between numbers; geometry helped him realize space in new ways and understand many aspects of human architecture, and parts of the economy. Chemistry and biology helped him understand the processes that went on in his body when it regenerated, and what chemicals participated in that. Fiction, started opening his eyes for a thing he previously did not feel, imagination, the books he read started forming images in his mind, he got scared by them, but then realized that this was not so bad, it actually made him happy to able to visualize things that did not exist. Mesmerized by all this beautiful knowledge, he forgot to eat, and it did not even affect him, he felt entranced by all this information, he felt that it formed a space around him, where all his concentration was working as a slave to understanding. Then all this overpowered him and he fell asleep. In one day he learned everything that took humanity millions of years to learn and understand. Waking up he was an entirely another being than yesterday, things that seemed weird to him made sense now. Still he wanted more knowledge, he wanted to be superior to everyone else, and thus he learned pride. Using the speed of his legs which now was that of lighting he got to other countries where he again indulged in eating but got disappointed when he found out that the literature there was not that different and the books of sciences said nothing that he did not know before. In vain he searched for more information as what he read was almost all and the bits of new knowledge that had no experimental demonstration did not satisfy him. Here he learned disappointment and even how anxiety feels. Like a drug addict he needed a fix but in his case a fix of information. One thing he did not think of was to make the discoveries himself, his parasitical nature made him unable to create things by himself. He was stuck, he somehow was worse than the people that were so easy for him to defeat, he was dependent on them. This feeling and this realization, made him feel sad, furious and confused. It made no sense to him, he tried to use his brain, but it was working on logic, and not everything in the world works on logic. Here he started to descend into the depths of depression, self-loathing thoughts, lack of motivation to eat or even to get up, at times he was unable to sleep. From a scary creature he was turning into a sorry-looking creature that got too caught up in its thirsts. Smart enough to solve his problems but not smart enough to apply all of his knowledge, and instead of looking for ways to correct himself, he just indulged in self-pity which he thought to be a very soothing thing. Still the methods he used to feel better were mere traps in which we humans fall as well, feeling sorry for himself instead of doing better things for himself. One day he felt so sad, that he discovered self-harm, which was the worst thing that he could do, but his brain which was seeing the world in dark colors, lied to him and made it look like it is good for him and that in this way he heals something broken in himself, when in reality he was only worsening the already existing wounds of his heart. After days and days of tribulations, he ended his sorrow by himself, a decision that not he took, but his depressed brain. His intellect could not save him, because all he did was to steal it, and without the possibility of stealing the talent to use it, he lost even with the greatest weapon in the universe in his hands.

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