Journals of a Psychopath



Clarkson and Smithson the brutal and cruel ones.

The Haven

I sparked the wax blocks, the Lady Flarice surveyed us adorned in pure white silk robes and cloaks she gasped. She noticed the photographs were everywhere, Lady Flarice’s vision-disks lowered, and she did not inspect. Lifting her skull and I forced her to speculate.
      “You were a friend I can give you some cash, if you set me free.”
      “Your title is the Lady Flarice and I am your Knight.”
      “Now I really know you are insane.”
The Lady Flarice started to weep. Invigorating, the bourbon caused my chest to tingle, and Lady Flarice gratefully accepted the liquor Smithson offered.
      “Smithson and I are in agreement with the calling and Lady Flarice you are my bride.”
She shivered and she swallowed the bourbon, Smithson lit a death-stick for Lady Flarice, she clutched the cigarette between her fingers. The Lady Flarice scrutinized the screen with us, portrayed on the couch her cat curled close to her. I showed Lady Flarice the clip of the shower.
      “You pervert.”
“Apologize to my father he is without fault.”
Lady Flarice became even more alarmed.
      “Please let me go?”
      “That will never happen.”
Inside the trunk Smithson found a disc. He played the recording and it involved Mia. Slicing Mia’s belly with the sword and I pulled her intestines from her body, she slumped, I cut her insides to ribbons, Mia died, the Lady Flarice screeched. Disrobing and dressing in my street clothes, I was ready to entrust Smithson with the care of the Lady Flarice, he was eager, and I was perturbed.
Waldorf Grove

A cop cruiser was outside, I strode to it, and the cop was inside the car, he stepped out.
      “You are linked with Kimberley Lehmann.”
      “Is it a crime?”
      “When was the last time you saw her?”
The cop studied me curiously.
      “It has been a while.”
      “What is your relationship with Miss Lehmann?”
      “I do odd jobs now and then.”
      “She is attractive,” the cop said.
      “Yes she is, but she is out of my league.”
      “She is missing and two people in her office disappeared a while ago,” he replied.
      “I hope she is okay?”
       “If you hear or see anything please let us know?”
The cop scrambled into his car and I watched his car get smaller, as he rode down the road, I was jubilant.

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