Cowboy and Peril at The Eiffel Tower



Napoleon and Illya have a good time within their hectic lives.

My first Napoleon and Illya Fanfiction for the 2015 The Man From U.N.C.L.E. TEASER:


Napoleon always pride himself with nice tailored clothes, he was closing his wrist sleeve when he felt a pair of hand help him with it, he looked and there he was, Illya in all his blond blue eye, glory just wearing his dark brown turtle neck and his tight jeans, with his brown shoes and black socks.


So Cowboy what are you doing today.” Illya said as he continued helping Napoleon with now his tie.


No much, just off on a mission with this annoying companion, he has blue eyes, blond, terrible accent, but..I love him regardless.” Napoleon smiled at his partner in every way and kissed him softly on the lips.


Illya not wanting him to get away with it, kissed him back a bit more forcefully. They let go put on sunglasses and said.


Ready Cowboy?”

I was born ready Peril...”


And with that they where off on another Mission, another adventure that they could take on together.


Disclaimer: I own nothing, this is for entertainment purposes only, no income is being made with this.


AN: Here is a little thing for The Man from U.N.C.L.E. 2015 Movie ^_- please know I've never seen the original show this movie is based of, so some of the things will be made up just to have the story, I will try my best to stay in character for each one I mention and write for according to the 2015 movie which I've only seen twice, I have since then looked at Trailers and clips here and there to keep my memory fresh. Hope this helps.



Napoleon was sitting in the foyer reading the newspaper when Gabby came out and told him Illya was running late for their meeting. Napoleon knowing how his partner was decided to go ahead with Gabby to the car to then go to their head quarters to attend the meeting. Napoleon ever the gentlemen opened the door for Gabby, then went to his driver seat and drove off.


“So what are your plans for the big day?” gabby asked Napoleon as he drove by the city of Paris.


“Well not much you know I don't celebrate such things, at least not anymore.” He said holding on to the wheel.


Gabby nodded “Mmmh seems like you, Illya of course wanted to plan something but later decided not to, since he knows you prefer it to be just like any other day.”


“Yes exactly, he wouldn't be my partner otherwise.” Napoleon said as he took the right and finally found the entry to their Head Quarters for U.N.C.L.E.


“So are you saying if he did ever make it a point to make emphasis on such a day, you would be no more?” Gabby said as she clicked off her seat belt, and waited for Napoleon to open the door for her. She saw him walk in front of the car to get to her door, and as soon as he opened it, offered his hand to her, which she took, and got out of the car. He answered.


“No I wouldn't just leave him, I would just be a tad displeased.” Napoleon said with his 100 watt smile.


Gabby nodded and they walked to the door, they went to an elevator that, then took them in front of stairs, they took the stairs to floor 9, there they went inside another corridor and there at the end was their door U.N.C.L.E. Plaster in black with their symbol at the bottom. Gabby opened the door for them and as they went in they where quickly seated, Illya was in fact already there waiting. “Took you long enough Cowboy, where you busy with your girlfriend.” He chuckled.


Alexander Waverly was waiting for them to take a seat, Napoleon just rolled his eyes and said, “You'd wish you could get a seat to that show” winked and waited for Alexander to commence.


“Ok you two settle down, today we are going to discuss your assignments, why you're here for is simple you need to retrieve from the Paris of France Rodin Museum the BUST OF HANAKO, TYPE F made in 1907-1911 by Auguste Rodin because we have reasons to believe someone implanted a bomb to go off tomorrow when the special dignitaries will be there in attendance.”


All three knew their task and nodded, they each took the file in front of them and studied it, and off they went.


Remember no one must know why you're really there.” with that Alexander saw the door close behind them. He went to his office and started typing what the meeting held.


Outside Napoleon and Illya where discussing how to go about the mission.


Well I think is best we go in from the back.” Illya said.

Well I think is best we go tonight when non one is there.” Napoleon said as he opened his car door, this time Gabby would go with Illya in his car.


Well I think you're both idiots, we can go tomorrow, before the dignitaries attend, as guest to the Museum, undo the bomb, or rather take a statute and put it back, if we go early enough no one will suspect.” Gabby said putting on her sunglasses and smiling at her boys.


Fine will do what she says” Napoleon said as he closed his door, and started the car. Illya got off Napoleon's car door and saw him drive off.


Hey do you think is such a good idea to surprise him later tomorrow after we do all this?” Gabby asked Illya.


Yes of course he is My Cowboy after all.” He said smiling, Gabby smiled too at him and off they went back to the hotel.


As always Illya and Gabby shared a room for show, as they weren't really engaged but is something that stuck whenever it was needed, sometimes she would play the lover of Napoleon but truth was she never had a chance between those two. For now they took to bed in a separate rooms, Illya and Gabby in one room separate beds, and Napoleon in another. Tomorrow would be fun for all three and later that night for just two in the city of love.


The next morning came Gabby and Illya where eating breakfast when Napoleon entered the dining area, he sat with them he asked for some grapefruit juice and a croissant with butter, they ate, paid and left after leaving a tip. They went in Napoleon's car as Illya drove this time, when they got to the Museum they played their part, they each took to different routes as a couple and Napoleon as a loner, then Napoleon found the bust, he got close enough, Gabby using a mini computer on her wrist was able to hack the code to the alarm system, Napoleon getting the ok, moved the bust and inclined it such a way that he could see the bottom, he took out the bomb that was taped flatly at the bottom and put the bust back in place and left the premises.


Napoleon made sure to be far from the Museum at this point by leaving from the back of it, and threw the bomb to a lake nearby where it exploded making a splash. He quickly left that are as well, took his car and drove off, Illya and Gabby took a taxi and off they went to the hotel to then later go to the U.N.C.L.E. Head quarters.


Once at the hotel Napoleon made his way to Illya's and Gabby's room, he knocked on their door, which Gabby quickly opened.


Ready for round 7 is it?” Gabby said making fun.


Uhu you wish you had a seat to that show.” Napoleon said laughing kindly at her, as he went inside.


No need I hear about it now and then from Illya, he's a talker believe it or not.” She said as she closed the door. Illya came out of the room and hugged Napoleon, kissing him right there. “You're amazing Cowboy, thought you would get caught for sure or exploded in tiny little pieces.”


Napoleon chuckled “Now, now I have been an agent for quiet some time, while I could have disabled that bomb it was best to just let it explode much easier in this case especially press for time as we where.” He said holding on to Illya's waist.


Awww you see no need for a seat I can see just fine from here, now you two before you get all steamy and hot let's go to Weverly you know he needs our play by play.” She sighed she opened the door and pointed out of it so the boys could get the idea, they smirked and off they went. Once there they told Weverly everything and satisfied he gave them the night off, Gabby was happy she would have a nice alone time in a bath and a movie at the hotel while the boys had their fun.


Napoleon and Illya where now at the Eiffel tower. Illya had planned for this since they where here and coincidentally marked their 2 years together as a couple and partners in arms. At the restaurant there they sat at a window table, they where offered some quiche and sparkling wine, they took to the food, Illya looking at Napoleon lovingly, he took his left hand in his right one, his fingers lightly caressing Napoleo's fingers and hand. Napoleodo in smiled and did the same in return, “So this was your plan all along, which is why you took to this assigment.”


Maybe I figured if we have to go do an assignment on our day, why not do it in the most romantic of cities so they say but, we will make it romantic that's for sure, Cowboy.”


You do have your ways Peril, and I love them.” Napoleon stretched a bit and kissed Illya lightly on the lips. They sat and ate and laughed and kept their eyes on each other all night, they acted like the young couple in love they where. They then walked all the way back to the hotel hand in hand, Napoleon blushing all the way back, with the ideas that Illya had implanted in his mind.


Once in Napoleon's room the door shut and the lights got dim, Napoleon was quickly put against the wall, as Illya “checked him” for any weapons of course unlike a real check it was much more languid and sensual, he undid his jacket, check his pockets, touched the weapon he so badly wanted, he undid his pants, touched some more, turned him, kissed him roughly and undid his shirt.


Napoleo's head was spinning and oh he wanted so much more, he did the same favor for Illya undressing him, leaving him clad only with his briefs and that was it, they kissed and moaned as their skins of their chest touched, they went to their bed and sank in it with each others touch, they felt their growing need but did not assume position till it was as such an intense feeling that they knew they would burst.


That night they made love about four times, but to Gabby they would say only once, they kept most things secret after all they where agents, secret agents and their love was the best kept one.


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