'Bloody, Poultry, Belch'



A friend of mine gave me three words to craft a short story....here's what I came up with x)

The reflection of the moon glimmered on a nearby pond beside a chicken farm. Ripples growing larger and larger.

The small farmhouse stood modestly underneath an oak tree shielding the home from the sky. The shrill cawing sound comes from an awakened coop, stirred by a possible fox or two hunting. Inside the house a man grabs his gun, loading it with two bullets to scare off the predators. 
‘Bloody foxes’ he grumbles as he turns off the safety catch and opens the door. He looks over to the coop expecting to see a small bundle of red as the usual suspect of an awakened coop. But this time, he looks to see a dishevelled man holding one of his chickens. It’s blood dripping from the mans smiling mouth whilst the poultry loosely dangles in his hand. 
‘Finally’ the farmer mumbles as he lifts his gun to the intruders temple. Seconds before he pulls the trigger the intruder is lifted high into the air out of the farmers sight, past the oak tree and into the eyesight of a giant. He twists the man around in his chunky fingers, examining the meat. The giant smiles as he rips off the intruders head with his teeth, the blood oozing in-between his canines. He licks his lips and devours the rest of the man followed shortly by a small belch that rumbles the walls of the small farm house. The giant continues walking past the farm, the farmer returns to his bed, the chickens return to sleep. The small pond ripples no more. 
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