Supernatural Mysteries Volume 2



Eerie short fictional stories about the unknown supernatural realm.

17 riveting short stories about supernatural phenomena, the spiritual dimension, gypsy curses, hauntings, ghostly apparitions, UFOs and abductions, Satanism, Wiccan witches, angels and demons, fairies, sirens, Greek Mythology and their heroes, the Bermuda Triangle, reincarnation, time travel and much more. Each individual story has been designed to keep the reader in suspense with unexpected twists and turns in the plot resulting in astounding but inevitable endings. Each story is unique and spectacular in itself, filled with awe, wonder, miracles and yes, even fear, disaster and death. Some stories contain morals and high values while others may lead the reader to question what they believe in. Overall, these extraordinary enigmatic and mystical stories about the realm of the unknown conveys profound and powerful messages to the reader in a remarkable way. While all these stories are based on fiction and their characters are fictitious, some events mentioned in certain stories are the actual and true experiences of real people. Because of the authenticity of these accounts, names, dates and places have been changed in order to keep their identities forever shrouded in the cloak of mystery. They know who they are! Most of these fascinating magical myths and legends embedded in these stories which are derived from the supernatural dimensional aspect of life, culture and religion, do not reflect or represent my spiritual beliefs in any way whatsoever. They are fictional writings written purely for your entertainment… and perhaps consideration?

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