I was sitting in the back of the classroom and I was staring at all my friends and not friends who were chatting and didn't paid attention  to the teacher.

My mind was not in the lesson.I was thinking about my life,my personal traits.

Why is it so hard to pay that freaking attention?Because the class is making me do what they doing.And yeah,I choose the back seats because of my imagination and thinking reasons.

I am sitting alone.One minute there is crazy class noises and one minute there is silence.Complete silence,because of her.And that is all in my conscious and in my imagination.I mean it has to be because everything is happening in slow motion.Weird.

She.Yes, I remember her,but I don't want to remember anything that is about her.
She walked into the classroom as always confident and calm.Too calm.I can't look at her face.Her behavior,her look and those eyes.

She used to be something for me.But now she isn't so I don't want to see her anymore.Ever again.
What happened between us is the secret.The secret which God don't know.The secret which will never be revealed.

But maybe everything was my imagination,my selfconscious.After all, I am sitting in the back of the classroom,so that explains everything.

Goodbye, my journal.


Short story Nr. 1

Be excited for more coming soon.

Love you all



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