A young man's depression and financial woes consumes him, while desperately trying to find a job but to add to his trials and tribulations, unexpectedly he becomes annoyed by a tedious and deplorable commode issue experience that leads to an inevitable outcome.



I  Need a Break!


He paced up and down the busy pavement of 88th Street in uptown Brooklyn, New York seeking employment.  He’d gotten another refusal on his twelfth interview and he felt quite distressed and desperately needed to find work.  He grabbed a newspaper then counted the remaining change that jingled in his pocket for a cup of coffee stopping at a nearby café to view the want ads.  There wasn’t much to choose from except for a couple ads that caught his interest when making a notation of which he was over qualified but was willing to make an effort.  Besides, what more did he have to loose?  He had already lost his car, his cable and his cell phone; he made payment arrangements on his utility bills and had only thirty more days before an eviction notice.  He thought about applying for food stamps but what good would that do if he had no place to live or store his food.  He and his ex-girl broke up 4-months ago in an ugly dispute over finances shortly after he lost his job as a Sales Manager and he surely didn’t want to ask his family for anything.  The depressed economy had everyone feeling the pinch and furthermore, he would have to tell his entire life story before they’d offer a helping hand, a course he’d rather not take.  “No, this is my problem and I’ll handle it.” He thought finishing up his coffee.  Before calling it a day, he stopped at the two circled ads in the newspaper, one being a Customer Service Representative at a print and copy store, the other was a Concession Stand Attendant at the local theatre, which unfortunately both positions had been filled. 




Later that night, he was filled with hopelessness and despair, overwhelmed as the pressures of the day consumed him.  He laid in complete isolation when it wasn’t long before he slumbered.  It was around 11:30 pm when he heard a bothersome noise as if someone had turned on a faucet.  It was quite annoying, as he tossed and turned trying to shake the irritant nuisance by placing his pillow over his head. After a while, he could still hear the constant trickle and had to get up to make an adjustment.  He stumbled in a haze into his kitchen but there was nothing running so he went into his bathroom to find that it wasn’t his faucet at all. However just when he turned off the light, he became aware that the trickling sound was his commode as he flicked the light back on. 

 Okay now what’s the problem here,” he questioned as he lifted the lid from the toilet tank checking to see that the nozzle wasn’t hung that fills the toilet bowl with water?

He then gave a slight jiggle to the handle to make sure it wasn’t hung up from the last flush when suddenly the annoying trickle faded away.  Once again there was peace and quiet as he snuggled back into his bed.

Surrounded with tranquility, his semi-firm mattress embraced him as he gazed at ceiling groggy-eyed until he drifted off to sleep.

Around 1:15 am, an unusual sound surfaced, it seemed as if a storm was brewing in the pipes that could be heard through the walls.  The disturbing rumble got louder until he heard an annoying glutting sound that irked him when frantically, he jumped out of bed for an immediate assessment.  Quickly turning on the light in the bathroom, he took off the toilet tank cover to notice the tedious bubbling water pressure and the irritating guzzle within the toilet bowel.

 Aw come on!  Not again,” he fumed desperately jiggling the handle.

 Shut up,” he yelled.

 Then surprisingly the irritating noise began to slowly cease into a gradual calmness and finally there was silence once again.

 Miraculously when he attempted to crawl back into bed, the aggravating disturbance aroused for a third time when he became infuriated storming back to the bathroom. This time he jiggled the handle so hard it came out of the socket.

 Dammit,” he thundered rummaging through the cabinet beneath the sink to grab a screwdriver.

 Eagerly, he fumbled trying to get the broken handle connected, but was too exhausted to tackle with such a nuisance in the primal hours of the morning.  Cleverly, he found a way to affix the screwdriver in the broken handle socket and instantly the irritating noise started settled once again.  Mr. Pinkerton was apprehensive in making an effort to return to bed, so he waited patiently to see if the bizarre annoyance would reoccur.  Barely holding himself together as he waited trying to shake his weariness but surrendered and returned to bed ten minutes later.

 It was 3:00 am when the badgering toilet erupted, yet again and this time severe gulping surged.  The constant gulping sounded like the pipes were clogged when he heard the water in toilet bowel start to ascend. Mr. Pinkerton became totally riled and realized that he hasn’t gotten much sleep throughout the night.  Concluding all that had gone wrong in his life recently this was going to be an addition to his misery, as he anxiously jumped out of bed slipping on his jeans and tee shirt.  Quite reluctant in taking on such an agonizing task, he lacked options; one being that he couldn’t notify his landlord because he was already 2-months behind in his rent, nor did he have the money to hire a Plumber.  So the only option was to handle the matter himself.  He went to his closet in the hallway to grab his toolbox and his big flashlight then rush over into his bathroom. While turning on the light, he noticed the foul slushy muck had risen to the toilet bowel rim when he hurried to try to control the disgusting spillage.  Swiftly he reached behind the toilet bowel for the nozzle to turn off the water pressure but was too late, the polluted substance overflowed causing a deplorable mess.

 Aw damn,” he shouted watching the stinky out pour, as it saturated the bathroom rugs.

 Promptly, he ran off to the kitchen to get the mop and bucket along with the old newspaper that was lying on the kitchen table upon his return to the appalling sewerage disaster.

 Ugh! Why me,” he mumbled collecting the soiled rugs from the floor tossing them into the tub.

 Mr. Pinkerton took the plunger and consistently tried to free whatever had caused such a backup.  As he struggled to try to stop the out pour, the more of the disgusting spill flowed out when suddenly, he felt out done and took a recess from the unbearable turmoil. While sitting on his bed, he pondered how he was going to resolve such devastation when he became quite exhausted falling back in his bed as he drifted off to sleep.

 It was 4:50 am when he had awaken from a much-needed nap; he took a general synopsis of where he left off with his commode issue then went back to try to stabilize the repulsive dilemma.  Surprisingly, when he arrived in the bathroom, he found that the severe spillage had subsided and he was quite overjoyed.  There was no trickling, no gulping, just peace and quiet.

 He grabbed a couple of tools from his toolbox and was able to repair the broken handle on the toilet and after several flushing test, he noticed that the attached mechanism from the inside of the tank worked fine.  An hour later, the main test was to see if the toilet clog had been resolved, so he slowly turn on the nozzle behind the toilet seat to allow the water pressure to build filling the toilet bowel.  Mr. Pinkerton smiled as he watched the toilet bowel fill, pleased that there was no glutting, gulping or trickling and was about to make his first flush when he suddenly thought to take precaution.  He just happen to have a half filled box with Rid-X he stumbled upon in his cabinet and poured it into the toilet to see if it would help filter out any access clogging down within the pipeline.  The instructions said to let it sit in the pipes for 20-minutes, so while waiting, he pursued the clean up of the sewer debris on the floor.

 It was well over an hour when Mr. Pinkerton decided to try his first flush test and amazingly it was quite successful.  He waited a second time, as the toilet bowel began to fill then flushed again. Anxiously, he watched as the water rapidly whirled and descended down the pipe.  Quite overwhelmed, he had to be certain and attempted the third flush and was pleased of his conquest.

 Yes! Now that’s what I am talking about!  Problem solved,”  he chuckled.

 He hurried to finish the clean up of the disgusting mess on the floor until the ending result was clean and sterile.  He glanced at the clock on the wall and it was 9:15 am when he remembered he had a 10:30 interview as a Sales Person with Sherman Williams Paint Company. 

 On the way down 88th street, Mr. Pinkerton felt amazingly happy and quite self-assured that he’d land this job.

Well this interview will be number thirteen! I’ve got this one!  I’ve got thirteen years experience as a Sales Manager and besides thirteen is my lucky number,”  he thought with a positive smile and quite intellectual as he entered the store.

 An hour and a half later, he ended up back at café sitting with a cup of coffee diligently looking through the want ads.

 We want to interview the other applicants before we make a decision. But we’ll call you,” he angrily reiterated before taking a couple sips of his coffee.

 A man sitting across from him heard his grumble and recognized him from inside the Sherman Williams store.  He was a Painter on his way to a painting project he was working on but stopped off for a cup of coffee at the café.

 Sounds like you’re having a bad morning,” he noticed.

 Yea you got that right!  I just can’t seem to find a job anywhere!  I just left an interview just a few minutes ago and all I’ve been getting from these employers is “We’ll call you!” or the Position is filled!”  Man, I just can’t get a break,” Mr. Pinkerton expressed.

Yea I was purchasing some paint when I saw you come into the store. I know someone that could use a good man.  In fact, he just told me about it yesterday.  Here, I’ll give you his name and address.  Go by and check it out man!  It might be something you can do!”

 Okay I will!  Thanks man,” Mr. Pinkerton exclaimed.

 Not a problem! I know how you feel; it took me awhile before I found this painting project, which is not my particular line of work.  I just kind of stumbled upon it several weeks ago, but it's a job and it pays the bills.  Well I’ve got to run but good luck man!”

 Mr. Pinkerton arrived at the small business and asked for the owner.  It turned out to be an on the spot interview with a Subcontractor and unbelievably, when the owner asked if he’d had any kind of faucet, water sewer or drain pipe plumbing experience, Mr. Pinkerton proudly responded, “Yes!” and informed him of his most recent dilemma.  Surprised by his response, immediately he was hired.

 He was quite overjoyed as he completed his application and W-2 form for his new employer.  It turns out he’ll be earning a pretty competitive salary, much similar to the salary he earned as a Sales Manager.

 He was quite thankful to God that day.  He learned that sometimes life circumstances could often steer and strengthen you down avenues of uncertainties, towards altering paths you normally wouldn’t consider.  Later on, while sitting on his bed that night, he glanced at his bathroom commode, which was quite a challenge for him and chuckled thinking, “Damn!  Thanks for all the commodtion!”





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