Attention! UFO Invasion!



A story of sheer horror about certain selected people who had terrifying experiences and encounters of the st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Kind.

Newsflash! UFO sighted. How do we react to such news? Some of us laugh and think of the movies we have seen, with tinfoil wrapped around someone’s head. Some of us have a slight flutter of angst deep within. I mean, what if it was true? What if someone really did see a UFO? What if there were beings aboard that UFO? Are they spying on us? Preparing for who knows what? Would it land? Here on our Earth? Could they be benevolent benefactors from a more cultured and advanced world? Or would they be fierce hostile creatures with the intent of human extinction?
We are all familiar with the initials UFO and understand it to mean Unidentified Flying Object. In a sense that’s true, but for a very different reason than most people think or are aware of. What UFO really stands for is Ungodly Forces Overhead or Ungodly Foes Overhead.
There is so much more going on behind the scenes in the invisible world, unseen by the human natural eye than most people realize. The invisible world? What the heck?

An excerpt of the Book...

... For about three weeks these same seven people continued to see these frightening flying saucers. It was as if they were being followed by them, as if they were deliberately sought out by them. Wherever they went they could not escape their foreboding presence. Day and night these flying objects were there and no one else seemed to see them, except these seven individuals. The sightings of these craft activities increased in number and in intensity. The spaceships either moved, hovered or were stationary. They saw many different kinds of flying objects, they weren’t always the same ones... Suddenly through their kitchen window, they saw this gigantic space ship which emitted bright green tentacles underneath it in the sky.
Inquisitiveness overtook fear and so they ran outside. They had never seen this particular spacecraft before.

It was the same huge mother ship that the three farm friends had seen. It was about 3,000 feet above them when all of a sudden, the triangle shape on the side opened up. A very tall being held something in his hand. It was a very bright light beam and he placed the light on Ria. In an instant she was raised up to the ship. Sharon stood frozen in horror as she saw her daughter lifted up in the sky, being taken through the triangle shaped doorway. Then it closed and the ship immediately disappeared. This was a close encounter of the 4th kind, abduction!

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