The Tourniquet Serials #5 (of 5)



The Finale!

The Tourniquet Serials #5 (of 5)
By Christopher Michael Carter
Adapted from the original comic book scripts

Headquarters… Brick and Tony sit in front of the large monitor.
“Have you seen them?”  Brick asks looking all over the screen.
“No.  Haven’t even heard from them.”  Tony replies.
But in Death’s lair, the leader of this certain organization talks with one of his trusted scientists.  It’s all far more technologically advanced than the average terrorist group the world is used to seeing.
“You’ve triple checked everything.”  The man dubbed Death stands tall over the man in the white coat.
“Yes, sir.  It’s all stable.  They can’t get out of them.  It’s designed for them.”  The man replies.
Armed soldiers walk the perimeter of the barren land beyond the building; the front of which looks as cruddy and dusty as ever.
The terrorist leader strokes his beard, “I wonder what that pig of a president will say when he sees his monsters like this.”  Death enjoys every moment of this.
Decimate is strung up.  Her hands are held up and cuffed as well as her neck.  She’s weak, depleted of energy and looks very much so.
Romus is strapped down to a steel table.  He’s immovable even with his immense strength.
Neorn is strung up as well.  Not only is he cuffed but his wings are tied up cables.  
Cyprus, however, is held in another room, chained by his wrists and ankles to the ground.  The chains, the size of which used to anchor large ships.  The room is dark with a lone spotlight on the beast as guys, more henchmen, whip him with electrified whips, shocking him with each crack.
Death continues to look over things with his trusted scientist, a prisoner in his own way.
“I want their blood.”  He tells the white coat with a clipboard.
“Yes sir.”  He marks it down before getting the syringe ready to retrieve the unique DNA of beasts.
Death stands tall over the table Romus is bound to.  He looks down at the cat-like creature, “You must be the leader.”
“Hey man, we don’t have leaders.”  The man’s head turns to see the winged man, also bound, who spoke up.  
“I see.”  The organization’s leader eyes the masked man.  He walks to the center of the area and stands with Decimate strung up behind him.  “I’ve been watching you all for some time now.  I guess police weren’t enough; they needed creatures of the night to erase their problems.”  Death looks down at Romus on the table, “…Monsters.”
Decimate looks up weakly yet with a quiet rage, “The only monster in this room is you.”
The leader, Death, turns to her face-to-face with an eerie calm.  “How cliche…  Bleed her.”
Instantly, the various scientists and workers STAB and SLICE at Deci.  Her soft pale skin opens and the red is stark against the white.  She winces in pain with each cut.  
Neorn looks over yelling, “Leave her alone!”  He shakes and pulls in his cuffs and cables to no avail.
Though motionless from the shoulders down, Romus releases a deep and guttural ROAR followed by cat like hissing.
Deci’s strung up looking more and more lifeless with the blood running from her.  She’s weak, saddened though even emotion is draining from her.
“I’m gonna put a bullet through your heart you SON OF A BITCH!”  Neorn shouts continuing to shake his fists while the hands atop of his wings clench.  Death’s demeanor remains cold and calm with certainty of his upper hand.
A pair of large sheers are held up, “Will you feel this tough when I’ve snipped your wings?”
“Where’s Cyprus?”  Romus angrily asks.
Death turns his attention, “Ah yes, your gorilla is in another location.”
In said location, Cyprus tries with all his might to break the chains.  “RRRAAAHHHH!!”  He bulges and strains but remains bound.  Cyprus drops down to his knees as the leader arrives, standing before him.  “Where are the others?”  Cyprus snarls.
“Around.”  Death looks down at the beast, “Your strength is impressive but your heart makes you weak.”
Cyprus huffs, “And you have a heart of stone I take it.”
“Yes, quite.  It keep me strong and less prone to…”  He turns on a monitor via remote revealing the other three, captive and depleted of energy.  “…Distractions.”
Cyprus jumps up from his knees in anger, “You terrorist SCUM!  I’m gonna rip you LIMB from LIMB!”
The man crosses his arms, unfazed.  “Terrorist.  Your American terminology is humorous.”  He gets in Cyprus’ face with a sly smile, “Unlike your benign beasts, terror is my specialty.”  Death walks out of this dark room casually, “Try not to go easy on him.”
His minions reveal themselves again, continuing to whip Cyprus with loud CRACKS and electric BUZZES.
Meanwhile, the other three have been left alone.
“Deci, are you okay?”  Romus asks weakly.
She can barely raise her head, “I…mmmm….”
“Stay with us, girly.”  Neorn tells her growing more angry.
Death enters the room, “He is a feisty one, isn’t he?”
Neorn looks at him, “When they find out you have us, they’ll nuke you intooblivion.”
“We’ll see.”  The leader smiles before grabbing a toy of terror from the side, a large prod.  He walks over to the winged man and SHOCKS him with it as Neorn grunts in pain being electrocuted.  Death turns to a snarling Romus on the table and shocks him as well with the same results along with loud cat yowls and hisses as his fur spikes.  
The terror master’s hand clicks around on the nearby keyboard, “Let’s see what we have here.”  Decimate, Neorn, and Romus all look at the monitor the best they can in their rough state.  “The most powerful weapon in war is neither a gun nor a soldier…  It’s media.”  The large monitor shows, with great FX, the four beasts of justice hanging by their necks from an overhead post outside.  “My latest production!”  He proudly exclaims.
Death stands next to the monitor with his wicked grin, “Imagine the ratings.”  Romus watches him from the steel table as the man continues.  “Television is the most powerful tool in the modern world.”  Neorn watches while still strung up at the wall.  “Global control from one location.”  The man continues to muse and ponder aloud.  Decimate’s weak and missing a lot of blood as she’s strung up at her part of the wall with her head hung.  “The terror broadcast.”  Death’s euphoria is evident.
Cyprus sits in his solitary with his head hung.  Something breaks the stark silence: the furry little creature brought along for the ride peeks his head around the corner in the dark room.  Cyprus notices his little friend and perks up, “Fuzzball!”  The creatures moves over to the bound beast and instantly begins chewing the chains; his little teeth far sharper than that of his larger friend’s.  “That’s right, buddy.  Chew through the chains.”  Fuzzball chews with sawing jaws as metal shavings fly off to the sides like a logger’s metallic sawdust.  The links are weakened and soon broken just as the area is soon vacant.  The same light shines down on the empty platform now holding only large broken chains.
A small group of soldiers are in a nearby room awaiting orders.  They’re large, musclebound, and with the same grim demeanor as their brethren throughout the compound.  The door opens as they all turn in shock to see the massive, angry monster.
“This where the big boys play?”  Cyprus cracks a wicked smile, “I can dig it.”
Death stands with his lead scientist looking over the fluids extracted from the bringers of uncompromising justice.
“I need more from them.  Plasma and more.  When you’re done, dissect them.”
“We’re on it.”  The man in the lab coat says still going over the samples.
Death grins slyly, “I’ll be wanting trophies.”
“Of course.”
A loud THUMP is heard accompanied by a tremor as the two react instantly.
“What is that!?”  Death demands answers, looking around.  THUMP!  It’s heard and felt again.  “Go find out what that is!”  The terrorist leader sends one of his goons.  
Decimate fights to look up slightly while heavily weakened and barely able to open her eyes.
Romus cracks a grin and a sigh while bound to the table.
Neorn lifts his tired head with a smile and a slight chuckle, “Oh, baby, are you in trouble.”
Cyprus EXPLODES into the area as the goon sent to check out the loud thumping flies across the room.  Scientists scatter like terrified rodents.  Death backs up but is too stunned to scatter like the other cockroaches.  Cyprus is gigantic and his skin is all the more spiky and jagged in his angered state.
The leader remains speechless as the beast gets down in his face.  Two faces trembling for two different reasons; rage and fear respectably.  “You wanna see terror?”  Death gasps as blood splatters from beneath his terrified face.  Cyprus holds the terrorist leader’s heart between his bloody thumb and finger, minuscule in his monster hand.  POP!  Death’s heart BUSTS between the fingertips of Big Cy.  “Not made of the stone you thought it was.”
Death’s dead body, now sporting a huge hole in his chest, lies in front of Decimate who looks up at it with the lovely scent in the air.
“Deci, you need to get your strength back.”  His large hand breaks her cuffs and cables, freeing her.
Fuzzball chews through Neorn’s cables.  “I’ll never question bringing you again.”
Cyprus tears the bands off of Romus who hops up stretching his tired body, “Thanks, friend.”
Decimate is face down in Death’s body.  The guys look over at her feverishly feeding.
“’Bout time to burn out.”  Cyprus informs them.
“I’m getting everything they have before we leave.”  Romus says at the computer.
Neorn steps out, “I gotta find their armory.”
Decimate looks up from her meal, covered in blood, fully vamped up, and at full strength, “RRREEAAAAAAAHHHHH!!”  Her hearty screech is felt by all.
Meanwhile out in the halls of this complex, Neorn looks around and moves silently and comes around the corner to find a door with a language he doesn’t know and large picture of a bullet.  “Hrm…”  He opens slowly, quietly.  The lights come on as the door fully opens and the winged man feels like a child on Christmas.  His wings flutter and a joyous tear comes to his eye.  He’s almost speechless, “Oh…Yeah.”  His head slowly oscillates, viewing the room’s artillery in euphoria, “So beautiful…”  He sighs and gets to shopping.
The giant beast, the cat creature, and the little vampire woman are ready to go.
“Neorn!  Time to go!”  Romus yells.
“I’ll catch up!”  Is heard from the other room and so the others move on.
The other three BURST outside in full attack mode.  The soldiers, still unaware of what’s happened inside, turn in shock.  Romus looks feral tearing into one of them with his claws while in their face with a guttural roar.  Decimate leaps onto another, taking a massive chunk out of their neck.  Bullets fly but the gunman doesn’t even finish a clip before they’re smashed under the stomp of Cyprus.
“Look what I found!”  The others look up to see Neorn flying above with two miniguns blasting all the terrorists away, shredding them to a pulpy mess.
Their ship, the Runner, hovers now uncloaked while the four run for it.
“We better hurry…”  Neorn suggests.  “…I left them a present.”
Any and every explosive in the hefty arsenal room is set to detonate with a timer that’s just…about…UP.
The incognito hi-tech lair of terror EXPLODES as the monstrous four make it to the Runner.  Any soldiers left alive by the hit squad are torn apart and burned to ashes by the massive detonation.  The terrorist headquarters masked as a poor village goes up in a large mushroom cloud of smoke and dust as the four leave the smoky wreckage behind them.  The Runner speeds through the skies.
Neorn, Romus, Cyprus, and Decimate rest on the ship beat up, rugged, and bloodied.
“Let’s go home.”  Sighs Romus.
Deci is tired, weak and bloody while Cyprus at her side even looks worn down himself.  Neorn sighs and lays his head back while Romus can barely keep his eyes open as tired as he is.
Back at HQ, the four are sitting on the large couch together watching a message from the President on their monitor.
“You guys have done it again.”  The Prez starts.  “You’ve overcome incredible odds and came through for us again.  On behalf of America, I thank you and wish you a safe recovery.”
Later, the four are all cleaned up, showered and now relaxing.  They’re in good spirits and rested sitting around the table having drinks and hanging out.  
“I’m just happy everything’s back to normal.”  Deci laughs with the boys clinking glasses.
Meanwhile, deep within a city darkened by the night, a woman walks down the sidewalk unsuspecting.
“HEY!”  She’s pulled into an alley.
She’s confronted by three men; rough, rugged, and rather thuggish.  The woman is pressed against the wall with the three in front of her.  
“Yo, what’s up baby?  Where were you goin’?”  One of the three asks her while licking his lips.
“W-what do you want?”  Her fear is as evident as her disgust.
The man looks back and forth at his boys sharing chuckles.  “You know what we want.”  He pulls a switchblade and fear takes over the disgust.
“HELP!”  She screams through the quickly formed lump in her throat.
The spokesman for these three deviants steps uncomfortably closer.  She winces and cries as he enters her personal space.  Her eyes shut harder.  The man stops.  The tears on her face are joined by a light spray of blood.  She opens her eyes to see the same man with a big dagger coming up out of his chest and a large cat-like creature standing behind him.  Romus throws the thug’s lifeless body to the side.  The woman’s terror keeps rising seeing this beast and what’s going on behind him.  While one of the three perverts out looking for a good time has flown the coop, the other is snatched up by both Cyprus and Decimate.  Her eyes look back at the little and large beings as they pull the man in half sending his guts splattering to the ground.  The last one makes it to the end of the long alley when Neorn drops down from the sky, stopping him in his tracks.
“And where do you think YOU’RE going?”  Though there’s no time to answer as the winged man’s triggers are pulled, ventilating the creep.
The woman screams and shakes before running off into the night.  Romus sighs and looks back at the others who shrug.
The four walk out of the alley together as Cyprus nods, “Yep, everything’s back to normal…”
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